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Slowly Recovering....
Okay I'm getting things slowly back up and running.
We suffered a pretty bad hit a couple weeks ago.
But fear not, unlike some other services out there, your information has not been stolen and your credit card information is perfectly safe.

So everyone knows Medaverse was not a hacked. Instead we got hit with a very bad power failure along with the infamous Seagate bad HD issue.

We are working hard on restoring our systems but it is sadly going to take some time, things need to get rebuilt from the ground up... Sad
So was everything on the forums wiped or is this just temporary?
As of this moment it looks grim. When the hard drive crashed it really screwed the drive up. I'm running some recovery software on the hard drive right now, but I wouldn't be my hopes up. =(
Yay! Welcome back all, sadly all went puff. Claude you should remake the E3 Thread since I haven't followed all the info that is circulating

I have to activate the quick Reply, that sucks..
The forum keeps obsessively logging me out!
You might need to delete cookies.
I was having the same issue until I did that.
It stopped now.

Also you've got to do something about "wait for mod approval" for posts to go through. That's going to wreak havoc during E3.
I'm working on hunt down what's causing that dumb bug.
Anything else not working right?
I loging nd it appears as if I didnt bt once I start to browse the forums the account is back up.
Well, glad things are back at least. No bugs to report yet.
--If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? --

--You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.--

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