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E3 2015 thread (June 16th-18th)
We'll Sony won over the fanboys big time this year, but like last year it's isn't really a Win for Sony as a good chunk of the win was from Multi-platform games.

Honestly for me, the huge deal games are both meh but I can total understand why it was a big deal.
> FFVII Remake not my cup of tea, but awesome it's coming multi-console.
> Shemmue III finally but again multi-console and a Kickstarter too, the games isn't even in production...
> Very surprised that once again MS has let go of a long term relationship and this time let CoD go to Playstation, not sure if it's going to have much of an impact since most people see Cod and think XBox, I think Sony is really going to have to push a LOT of marketing on that deal.
> Last Guardian nice to see it show up again but I think it's very unlikely it will live up the the hype.

Again Sony I think will go down as the winner of the E3 but that's solely because they announced some awesome multi-console games, like last year with FFXV and KH3.
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