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Medaverse Announces Their Next Game
Depending on what you're developing it with, all you have to do to port it from iPad to iPhone is some basic GUI changes. Unity does that automatically, I'm not sure how to do it in X-Code. One thing to be aware of is the MASSIVE difference in processor speeds between the different systems and OS's. My company's been working on an iPad game for about 2 years now and we're still struggling to get it to work with equal playability on all possible iWhatevers. If it's an 8-bit homage type game, that shouldn't be too difficult. Oh, another thing, when developing for the iPad (at least with Unity), it seems everything you knew about game development is wrong. Things like animated sprites and alpha maps, those little tricks to saving polys and decreasing processor intensity? Yeah, iOS hates that, and it will kill everything. Instead of a 3D plane with the texture of a puff cloud on it, we had to make a puff cloud shape in 3D and write a script so that it always turned to face the camera.
Yeah, we're already finding out that a lot of the things that we did on the Wii is different on the iOS, but then again it seems like everything on the Wii is different from everything. The biggest issue we are currently seeing for porting it to iPhone and iPod Touch is that we're going from a large screen to a very small screen and the game might be difficult to see when reduced to that size, but we won't know until we try it out.
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No iPad here either. Good luck guys!
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no i-pad and no plans to get one, aww well. good luck with this.
iPad is just the first version, later on we will be porting it to iPhone/iPod Touch and maybe Windows Phone 7 and Android.
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