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Medaverse Announces Their Next Game
[B]Medaverse Announces Their Next Game
[Image: MedaForce.png]
[Image: Rbot_logo2.png]
Non-8bit version of the R-Bot Vs Logo

[Image: R-Bots_Sticker.png]
A piece of art work that is on the side of interface, the look is suppose to mimic the old Arcade style.

[Image: Rbot_standing_R_001.png]
What the R-Bot Sprite is going to look like

[Image: StartScreen.png]
The Start Screen - This is what the interface looks like in the current build.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Surprise surprise, nice ^_^ hope to see some in game screens soon.
Actually the Start Screen is a in game screen shot :p
But yeah I know what your asking for, and I hope to have the first shot out some time in July and maybe even a video...

Actually I have a VERY VERY VERY early Pre-alpha video right here:
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Whatever happened to the penguin thing?

Also I can see this being fun depending on what the interactions with the second player will be like.
Pengrave is still in development, R-Bot Vs actually spun off of it. We were messing around with Pengrave and we came up with some ideas which were pretty cool but just didn't fit in with Pengrave itself. So it got spun of into a new game. Smile

Kind of like how Devil May Cry spun off of the development of Resident Evil 4. :p
[Image: MedaForce.png]
But I don't have an iPad.
Only have an iPhone...
--If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? --

--You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.--
I dont have an iAnything. Soon hopefully will get an Android but never an apple one.
Once the iPad version is done we are going to be looking at bring it over to the iPhone/iPod Touch, its just going to be a matter of seeing if it will downscale well or not. The big idea behind the game is that you have two people playing it at once.

Sorry Kirby_Z, but there are zero plans on bring it to any Android devices at this time.
[Image: MedaForce.png]

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