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Whatcha Been Playing?
ClaudeLv250 Wrote:Mirror's Edge - Got it in the Origin humble bundle (EA INDIE HUMBLE LOLOLOL) and just finished it. Liked it more than I thought I would, I just wish there were more levels. There needs to be more parkour games. But damn at that screen tearing, it's some of the worst I've seen. I turned on Vsync and it actually got worse.

Also this game has some great views.

Absolutely loved this game, I wish it had done better so we had seen a sequel during this generation. Oh well at least we have a reboot come out for next gen.

Dragon Age: Origins (360) - Can't believe it took me this long to finally get around to playing this game. I Love it! Not many games hook me to the point where I play them into the early hours. I had to force myself to stop playing this morning so I could get some sleep. Tho.. Mass Effect has really spoiled me on RPGs dialog.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - Honeymoon phase is over with the game, but I'm still having enough fun that I hop in for a hour each day.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (360) - I'm happy to see a solid cartoon racing game out there that isn't just a "Mario Kart" clone.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (360) - After renting Transformed I got sucked back into playing the original. Also finally 1000 it

Sonic Adventure 2 (XBLA) - Finished Story mode, not just have a few chao achievements to finish to complete the game.

World of Tanks beta (XBLA) - It an okay game. Not my cup of tea.

Left 4 Dead 2 (360)
- It is so bitter sweet when you go and play a game you haven't played in almost a year and suddenly achievements start popping left and right. Finally 1000 it.

Sonic Generations (PC) - I'm at the finall boss, but before I go after him I'm finishing off all the mini missions.

Minecraft (PC) - Keep hoping in working on my world.

The Last of Us (PS3) - Okay It took me almost 2 months to get my hands on this game from Redbox and after the long wait and all the hype I have to say..... Thank God I didn't go and buy it. This game was no where near as amazing as people make it out to be. Seriously it wasn't anything special, Sure the graphics were amazing looking and so was the voice acting, but the game play was meh at best and really the story wasn't that great, it was a pretty generic post-apocalyptic type story really nothing that original. I will say Naughty Dog did a excellent job projecting emotion in the game but over all the game and story just didn't do enough for me to get hooked onto it, in fact I didn't even finish the game because I couldn't justify dropping an extra $2 to keep it another day to finish it, I just went to YouTube and watched the ending... From what people were saying and what I saw from trailers this game should have been a great game for me, but it wasn't all I found was a good looking game with an average story and some pretty weak game play. And this is coming from a guy who pretty much owns a PS3 solely for Naughty Dog games.
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Sonic Generations - Mostly just this. The game is awesome. It's practically nostalgia porn, I just wish they would do a generations+ with more levels or something. Game doesn't run as well as I wish it did on my PC but it's playable and I already beat it. Now I'm doing the challenges and trying to find all the red star rings.

Also, the game is gorgeous.

[Image: 1f894d752da9c3359594e021eaff92c0.aa86622...6caa5.jpeg]
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ClaudeLv250 Wrote:Sonic Generations - Mostly just this. The game is awesome. It's practically nostalgia porn, I just wish they would do a generations+ with more levels or something. Game doesn't run as well as I wish it did on my PC but it's playable and I already beat it. Now I'm doing the challenges and trying to find all the red star rings.

Also, the game is gorgeous.

There are some Mod packs out there that add more levels, also there is a mod that gives the game better sharers and makes the game look even more beautiful.
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Due to persistent PC problems that I may finally be getting near the bottom, I have only been playing one game without crashing.
I fucking love Dark Souls.
MineCraft (PC) - Set up my own Linux MineCraft server and been playing on it, once I get a wired connection to it I might make it public to friends.
Animal Crossing (3DS) - Really let the game fall by the wayside this month. I really need to get back into the grove of playing it at least every other day.

I've been pretty busy this month with a little project, here's a sneak peek:
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Oh wow, congratulations!
Lufia II - I finally, FINALLY beat this game after years of playing it on and off, starting over each time. It's still one of the best RPGs on the SNES.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Finally getting around to the Arkham games. Lives up to the hype as far as I'm concerned; goes without saying that it's the best Batman game to date. Gives me some Metroid vibes too with the map system, scanning and atmosphere. I like putting Batman's no-kill oath to the test by throwing bad guys into electrical barriers or from heights.

Fallout 3 - Just started it. Didn't get anywhere because it kept crashing when I started a new game...
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October was a slow month for me..

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (WiiU) - Honestly this was not one of my favorite Zelda games back when it was first released. But putting the game in today I feel like I'm enjoying it a lot more then when I first played it. Nintendo did a great job updating it. I hope Nintendo looks into bringing a few of their other GameCube games into the HD era ::cough:: F-Zero! ::cough::

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (PC) - Got my hands on a copy of the PC version so I was able to use the portal and figures we have that came with our 3DS version. It's a pretty Fun game, real shame that only the first game was released on the PC thou. Not sure I would invest any more into the game outside the few figures I have.

MineCraft (PC) - just been playing on my server when ever I have a few mins.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (iOS) - Been playing a lot of the iPhone versions when I have some time to kill, They did a great job bring a fighting game over to the smart phone platform.
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Lufia: The Legend Returns - Slowly continuing my trek through this series. I've already gotten farther along this time than I have before. With 6+ active party members, I always feel like I'm mismanaging someone.

Dungeon Siege III - Got a few hours in. I liked the old Dungeon Siege games, but I like hack/slash games I'm conflicted because I'm not upset that they changed it. This is also giving me old school vibes in that you get absolutely mauled in places you aren't supposed to be yet...except I'm sure I'm supposed to be in these places.

Escape Goat - Puzzle platformer, played and beat the first half. Wasn't too hard...until I got to the second quest.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Started a new game on hard mode. I just wanted an excuse to share this weirdness:

[Image: F3E3CB6D1864DE5DE881A68D258BBF018BAC918A]

There's a part early in the game where you have to blow two walls in on a group of thugs. When I entered the room, this guy was stuck in the door like this.
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Ys V - I played this in Japanese years ago. An English patch finally released so I'm playing through it again. There doesn't seem to be any guides for the magic system, so I think I will write one.

FEZ - Haven't played it long, it's fun and simple...shame that the creator is a fucking douche. There are people that won't touch the game because his vitriolic personality turns them off.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - Played the Steam free weekend, it's really good. Better than I thought it would be! I did a double take when I saw the Afterburner level. Wasn't expecting that there.
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