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Whatcha Been Playing?
Played both 3ds and WiiU SSB at Best Buy today. I want to say I like the new version, but playing with the 3DS and Wii Pro controllers was so weird, I have no idea what game I just played.
I hope playing with the GameCube controller makes the WiiU version feel better. I had no interest in buying a WiiPro Controller for Smash (I really dislike the controller overall) and actually bought some 3rd party Nyko controllers that feel like the 360 controller.

I had a gut feeling that the 3DS version would feel different.
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Played a few different games last month. Surprisingly more then I thought I did Smile

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD - Good game, but I'm not a fan of the physics.
South Park: The Stick of Truth - Awesome game! I need to find more time to play it!!!
Terraria - Fun, kind of like a 2D Minecraft

Mario Kart 8 - Great game, loving every moment of it. Just wish there was a easier way to unlock everything.
Sonic Lost World - So far its okay. I've played a couple levels. Not a huge fan of the Mario Galaxy style levels.
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Torchlight - Started playing again. I made a Vanquisher and Destroyer to get a feel for them but I'm going to finish my first playthrough with the Alchemist.

Killing Floor - Started playing again, feels like there are a lot of weapons/DLC added that I didn't know about since I last played. I also forgot how stupid some people can be in this game.

Oniken - It's a pretty good retraux game, but it feels like there's something authentic missing from the games it's trying to emulate.

Warface - Crytek's F2P squad shooter. It's decent mechanically, but it's full of P2W mechanics, you can't perm anything with game currency, and there isn't enough content to sustain it.

Mega Man 1-4 - Did a replay, 5-8 are next.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Had to start over from the beginning because of the freeze glitch they never patched. Got much farther this time, keeping my fingers cross that I don't run into that glitch again.

Xenoblade - Jumped back in, I'm about 1/4th of the way through the game and already have 25 hours clocked. Game gives you so much freedom to goof around that it's easy to get off track.
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Only things I have been playing lately has been

- NES Remix - Got it for free thanks to Club Nintendo, its fun thou I wish all the games were unlocked from the start and I didn't have to unlock over half of them and it takes to long to get to the cross over min-games (e.g. Link in Donkey Kong). And some of the games really suck (e.g Balloon Fighter, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, & Mario Bros)

- Mario Kart 8 - I put in a little time here and there. Looking forwards for the first batch of DLC.

- Pokemon X - Progressing slowly. Pretty much just been playing before bed or when Samus is asleep on me.
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Mega Man 5-7 - The replay continues!

Every 2D Metroid - Also ran through these back to back. I remember thinking Metroid II was massive back in the day, but now it feels small and almost too short.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Beat the game and started a second playthrough on a higher difficulty level. A glitch stopped me from completing the lidless eye side quest but outside of that there hasn't been too many glitches.

Warface - Giving the game a second chance. The stuff I said about the F2P mechanics still stands but running a co-op mission with a competent team can be fun sometimes.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Played through Tower of Doom online with Niko and Onslaught.

Lunar: The Silver Star - Playing through the original for the Sega CD. Never got very far the first couple of times, but that's going to change this time!
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I haven't had a lot of free time for games the past few weeks but I did manage to get some play something here and there.

Team Fortress 2 - Played mostly for the Halloween event.

Sacred 3 (360) - Dumbed down and streamlined compared to its predecessors. I'm not surprised by the backlash. Also, the humor is really stupid. On the plus side, it looks good and there's no eurojank.

Diablo III: UEE (360) - Started Act V, didn't really get to do much yet. I'll need to find a comprehensive list of changes to character skills.
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Been playing a lot more then me, This is what I've been playing for the last 2 months :p

Super Smash Bros (3DS) - Amazing Game! I was a bit worried about it being on the 3DS, but once I got my hand on it, any worries melted away. Smile
Animal Crossing (3DS) - The Mrs. got re-addicted to it, and I got sucked back in too, It was only a year since I last played :p

Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) - Awesome Game! Mario Kart Meets F-Zero. Big Grin Sadly my WiiU died right as I was downloading the DLC Sad

Destiny (X1) - Played for about 5-6 hours before I just gave up on it. It's not fun, It's boring. There is nothing to it, its just grinding. It's like Phantasy Star Online minus any story and missing a lot of basic features. This ranks as one of the biggest let downs Ever. GIANT step back from Halo, hell even Marathon. Sad

Disney Infinity 2.0 (X1) - Fun game, thou it feels like a step back from what the first was. Disappointed I can ONLY use Marvel characters in the story more. Was kind of looking forward to having The Incredibles along side the Avengers. Or Wreck-It Ralph and the Hulk.
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Started a serious new game of SaGa Frontier for the first time in years. I never did beat all seven character quests, and I'm looking at guides to try new character combinations (never really gave gun techs a fair shake) as well as recruiting obscure characters I never could figure out before. To give you an example, I finally nabbed Suzaku, and here are the steps you need to take to make that happen:

- You have to start the quest for the gift of Arcane magic in Devin
- You have to go to IRPO and start the quest for the Shield arcane card, and Fuse will take you to the mountain in Mosperiburg
- Taking the regional ship to Mosperiburg will only take you to Virgil's palace, you can only get to the mountain through Fuse
- On the very first screen is a fairy enemy; defeating it has a random chance of spawning a suspicious snowman two screens later
- If the snowman spawns to the far left, it's a trap with three powerful enemies that don't give you much of anything
- If the snowman spawns in the center, it's a fight with a powerful optional boss named Jotnar
- If the snowman doesn't spawn, you have to go back and keep killing the fairy until it does
- Suzaku is tucked away in an offshoot of the cave between the fairy and where the snowman spawns. He's frozen until you beat Jotnar, and you can't interact with him (your character says nothing). If he's free, he will join your party without saying anything.
- The SuzakuJr monster form he comes in is unique to him and more powerful than the SuzakuJr other monsters can transform into, so there are really contrived guides on how to power him up without losing his form.

There is literally nothing in the game that even hints at how to free Suzaku. Killing the fairy and having the right snowman spawn, successfully beating that boss and then going back to check on/find Suzaku would be completely up to chance for anyone that doesn't know this already.
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Don't have the time to get into any long games, so I stay pretty much with anything that I can play for 5 mins and then put down.

Super Smash Bros (WiiU)

Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)

Super Smash Bros (3DS)

MineCraft (Xbox One)
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