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E3 2011
REMAKE. The new E3 2011 thread with all the relevant information

Dates and times (PDT / EDT)
Microsoft - June 6th, 9:30AM / 12:30PM
Sony - June 6th, 5PM / 8PM
Nintendo June 7th, 9AM / 12PM

EA - June 6th, 12:30PM / 3:30PM
Ubisoft - June 6th, 2:30PM / 5:30PM

Konami is having a pre-show this thursday (June 2nd), and GTTV is having an E3 preview the same day.

[SIZE="4"]Live streams[/SIZE]
Nintendo's Stream
Gamespot Hub
IGN Hub (don't see any conference links yet)
New Zelda incoming? Apparently it's the 25th Anniversary title. Any guesses? Compilation, remake, new game? Wii, 3DS or Wii 2?

Also, Square Enix E3 site is up, not really open yet.

A little over 19 hours until Konami's...thing...
I can't wait. Smile
Konami conference is starting.


ROFFLE! It's not a livestream, it's prerecorded. You can jump around to any point you want:

MGS, Zone of Enders HD Collections coming to PS360. Silent Hill: Book of Memories for NGP.

MGS Collection has 2, 3 and Peace Walker!
I'm pretty excited about MGS collection. I've replayed MGS:TS recently and was planing on actually playing 2 & 3 finally. I guess I'll wait for this and play them on the 360. I'm surprized they excluded the original MGS, but then again unless its a HD version of TS I have no desire to play it.
> Silent Hill Collection HD announced, will feature only Silent Hill 2 and 3.

> Kojima announces next project will be multi-platform and use the 'Fox Engine' .
There's a Silent Hill collection too and it's also missing the first game. Seems like PS1 graphics are too ugly to "HD" without putting enough effort into redoing everything.

A new Contra was announced but there doesn't seem to be any solid news yet.

Nikkei confirmed the touchscreen controller rumors, says Wii 2 could launch mid-2012. Seems to line up with that other rumor about a June 2012 release.

IGN says to keep an eye out in Tuesday and Wednesday for more Nintendo stuff outside of the conference that they'll be liveblogging. Not really sure what that's about.
Wii 2 boxed materials arrive at the convention center! Want to open them so badly for a hint...

[Image: 7editeurs20110605_040613_2_big.jpg]

I'm getting 2009 vibes when NSMB Wii was covered by that black tarp and the internet spent the entire night before the conference trying to figure out what it was. Shame that thread is gone.

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