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Kirby's Insane Halloween II: The Cursed Word!
Another chapter to close out the holiday!


[h=3]Chapter 9: Parley is Not in My Vocabulary[/h]
Claude didn
[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]
I can't believe it took me this long to get back to this. You guys don't know, it feels like I don't have time to write in October anymore. If I was resourceful I would write these chapters in the summer!


Chapter 10: What About Your Friends?

[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]
I see this thread got ravaged too. I'll have to fix that later.

Chapter 11: (Some) Things Fall Apart
Kirby squeezed out a whine of grief and shock like a deflating balloon, Claude was shook speechless and Yoshi’s emerald scales whitened a few shades.
“What...happened?” Claude finally asked with incredible difficulty; his throat refused to work. This was it, the worst case scenario. Undoing the curse couldn’t undo death itself.
“It was Zelda,” Niko recalled through a running faucet of tears. “She made him say it...”
Depressing music swelled from nowhere as Iris cleared her throat for a farewell song for the one that stole her heart many moons ago. She choked on a sob; the words never manifested. The music faded from whence it came.
Fox’s eyes suddenly snapped opened, possessed by a pale, ghostly yellow light. “For crying out loud, stop being so dramatic!” the head complained. “I’m not dead!”
Yoshi screamed, using Claude’s coat as a shield. Niko’s tears of joy weren’t that different from his tears of sorrow as he smothered Fox’s grouchy head.
“I get it...” Claude murmured in realization. “I guess that really was a zombie costume!”
“Why do you sound so surprised? I told you that at the castle! Niko, I really will be dead if you keep drowning me in tears.”
Iris gently lifted Fox’s head into her own arms. “My love, I should have known you wouldn’t have left me so easily.”
“I might be undead, but it’s still me. I’m just a little...spaced out right now.”
“I can do something about that.” Iris waved her wand, dousing Fox with a coat of fairy dust. His head levitated as the scattered limbs and torso of his body mystically reassembled themselves beneath him until he was whole once more.
“Much better!” he exclaimed, stretching out and testing the resilience of his body.
“You’re a zombie, you’re going to keep deteriorating,” Iris said, her voice carrying grim undertones. “I can try to put you back together if you keep falling apart like that but our best bet is to end this curse as soon as possible.”
Yoshi emerged from behind his human shield just long enough to ask, “If you’re a zombie, does that mean you’re going to try to eat our brains or something?”
“You’d need a brain for me to do that,” Fox growled.
“Geez, who farted in your Arwing?”
“You don’t get to be offended! This is your fault!” Fox pointed accusingly, then retracted his finger for fear that it would fall off. “And I warned Peppy about those burritos...”
Claude held up his hands. “Enough. We’re done with the blame game.”
Fox’s brows rose a bit in surprise. “You forgave him? That’s awfully mature of you.”
“Fighting each other’s not gonna fix the problem,” he replied. Yoshi taunted Fox by pulling at the corners of his mouth until Claude slapped him on the nose. “I can hear you stretching your face out.”
As I was saying before,” Iris interjected, reining the conversation back in, “what Yoshi said isn’t that far off. Fox, it’s not just your body but your mind deteriorating too.  If enough time goes by you will turn into a mindless, shambling monster.”
“Eugh. That’s depressing,” Claude said. “Did Wario ever resurface?”
Fox grimaced at the thought. “You want to talk about depressing? Do you really want him polluting the air again?”
“Okay, where’s Samus? I haven’t seen her since we got back.”
“It’s a bit of a story. I take it the lack of Captain Falcon means you didn’t succeed?”
“That’s a bit of a story too.”
Claude and Kirby took turns detailing their failed mission: boarding the ship, Clyde’s “betrayal,” and their eventual capture and release. Fox and Iris told their side of things, from tracking down Zelda to their eventual ambush and infliction with the curse.
“Samus fought it as long as she could but she was no match for this curse,” Iris told them woefully.
Claude glanced around, fearing the worst. “That doesn’t explain where she is now.”
“She basically completely transformed into Captain Falconess,” Niko said. “She wandered off looking for the Blue Falcon or something. Her attention span is gone.”
“Guys...I think I found her,” Kirby said.
Clutching one of Sophia’s massive wheels was what remained of Samus Aran, fully absorbed by the Falcon persona. “So beautiful,” she said in a euphoric, half-murmur, half-sigh.
“Samus,” Kirby called to her. “Samus, please let go of the wheel.”
She visibly pouted, shoving her bottom lip out.  “How can you guys be so calm in the presence of this majestic creation? Just the sight of it makes me want to write poetry about it! I want to take it home and hug it and squeeze it and...”
“Samus, pull yourself together! We have to help our friends! Captain Falcon may be a walking disaster but he does care about his friends – don’t you?”
Samus blinked after Kirby scolded her, rattled by the epiphany. She stood up straight, dusted off her Falcon uniform and saluted no one in particular.
“Let’s go save our friends!” she declared militantly.
“Good, let’s go back to the tree.”
Together, under the tree, what remained of the Smash Brothers Halloween party discussed what to do next.
“It’s getting late so there’s not as many people out now,” Claude said. “This place is like a small park so we should be okay here. We make a plan and stand our ground.”
“This would be a lot easier if they were chasing us and not the other way around,” Samus murmured. She froze when all eyes were on her. “What? Did I say something stupid again?”
“I actually was thinkin’ the same thing,” Claude admitted.
“We tried the lure thing with Zelda,” Fox said. “It didn’t exactly go well.”
Iris shook her head. “No no, that was more like her ambushing us! This time we’ll be ready. We’ll have a plan for her.”
“We’re really going to do this?” Yoshi asked skeptically. “Samus or not, any plan from a Falcon is bound to go wrong!”
“It’s not her plan it’s our plan,” Claude emphasized. Yoshi folded his arms and grunted.
“How are we going to lure Captain Falcon, though?” Kirby wondered.
“Remember what we saw in his captain’s quarters? He had vintage candy preserved like trophies.”
“Oh yeah...! Iris can handle that, can’t you?” the puffball asked. Iris nodded.
“Iris, I wish we had a treasure chest full of vintage candy, the kind of stuff you can’t even find replicas of in any stores,” Claude said.
Iris’s wand danced through the air, conducting a symphony of magic with a ‘ping!’ “Your wish is granted.”
Fairy dust transformed into a ball of light that took shape into a wooden chest overflowing with candy. Samus was immediately upon the chest, scooping up what she could, and Niko helped her. “Scoop! Scoop for your life!” Samus yelled in a fervor.
“Hey, hey! Leave some of that for Captain Falcon!” Iris shooed them away.
“I thought about rum after Clyde drank it all,” Claude said while sneaking a handful of candy for himself. “But this candy pirate version of Falcon has like a sixth sense when it comes to candy. He’ll be here in no time with all this vintage stuff in one place.”
“That’s one down; do we have any ideas on Zelda?” Kirby asked.
Fox bore a confident grin that came across eerily with his otherworldly appearance. “Zelda may be evil now but she’s still Zelda. Of all the people we know, who does she care about most?”
“...Me?” Yoshi suggested, pointing at himself.
“I’d slap you right now if I didn’t think my hand would detach in the process. You know damn well that she cares about Link.”
“Well excuuuse me, princess!” Yoshi complained. “How are going to make that work considering, you know, Link didn’t come here with us?”
“Link doesn’t need to be here, she just needs to think he is. And you’re going to be him.”
Yoshi looked panicked and took a step back. “You want to dress me up and use me as bait to lure out a highly dangerous entity? Does no one else feel an overwhelming sense of dread and déjà vu!?”
“Everybody’s doing their part to help our friends,” Kirby said. “You should try too.”
“No! This always ends badly for me!” Yoshi turned tail and began to run but collapsed into the grass when a line of squirrels formed a chain and tripped him. The rest of the woodland creatures assembled, pinning him to the ground.
“Claude! Somebody! Help!”
“Wait, this won’t hurt him, will it?” Claude asked.
Fox smirked. “Iris, how much hurting will there be?”
Iris looked appalled. “Fox! There won’t be any pain; my magic only brings goodness into the world!”
Fox grumbled something. “Nah, it won’t hurt. It’s just a costume. So let’s get this over with – Iris, I wish Yoshi was in a Link costume.”
Iris worked her magic once again, coating Yoshi in fairy dust that formed a green hat and tunic. The woodlands creatures retreated once the spell was complete.
“I didn’t agree to this!” Yoshi complained, looking over his new clothes. A Link mask slid over his nose to complete the costume.
“Look on the bright side,” Kirby said. “You now have a costume like the rest of us!”
“Did you forget that I chose not to wear one?”
Fox was starting to lose his patience. “Stop complaining and get it together. We have to sell this. I doubt we’ll get another chance if this doesn’t work.”
“What am I supposed to say when she shows up?”
Claude tapped the mask on Yoshi’s nose. “You’re Link. You’re not supposed to say anything, remember?”
Yoshi was glad that the mask was covering a good portion of his face, because he started to blush after having forgotten that little detail. “So far the plan sounds like I lure her in close and then she obliterates us all.”
Fox sighed. “We’re Smash Brothers, we know how she fights, and we know her weaknesses.”
“Zelda channels her magical powers through body motions rather than vocalizations,” Iris explained. “If we restrain her, she should be powerless...mostly.”
“Okay...maybe this plan doesn’t sound completely terrible...” Yoshi admitted in a murmur.
“We’ll hide before she gets here, and when her guard is absolutely down, we’ll strike! Now grab your ocarina and I’ll provide the music.”
Yoshi pulled a replica Ocarina of Time from his tunic’s belt and held it up to his lips. Zelda’s Lullaby, soft and melodic, drifted through the air by Iris’s beckoning with her wand. He found himself drifting along with the song in a near-trance, and when he snapped out of it, he turned around to find that his friends had vanished, tucked behind some bushes near a gate.
Alone under the tree, he awaited the next phase of the plan to unfold.
“I wonder how long it’s going to take her to show up?” Yoshi pondered in a whisper. “Hopefully she never does.”
“Why do these things happen whenever I don’t want them to?”
Dark Zelda hovered above in the night sky and, once she saw the source of the music, her demeanor rapidly changed. Gone was arrogant, malevolent woman. She was now upset, vulnerable, and a little offended by what she saw
“Link...? How did you – when did you...they brought you here to deal with me, didn’t they?”
Yoshi did his best impression of Link by saying absolutely nothing. Zelda floated down to the ground but kept her distance.
“I can see that you’re confused by my appearance,” she began to explain herself. “This is who I am now, and you’ll just have to accept that!”
Still, there was silence.
“You don’t seem to be angry. I think I understand. You’re perhaps a bit annoyed by this sudden change of situation but...if there’s anyone in the world that can understand me, it’s you.”
“How is she getting all that from him when he isn’t saying anything?” Niko asked in disbelief.
“People have a habit of hearing what they want to hear from Link,” Kirby said.
Fox shushed them both.
Zelda started a slow stride towards Yoshi. “Maybe you do understand me after all. There is nothing that says that a dark princess can’t have her dark prince.”
Yoshi fidgeted with every step she took in his direction.
“This plan is going to fall apart if she gets too close,” Claude said.
“Let’s wait a bit before doing anything rash,” Iris comforted him. “Yoshi, hang in there.”
Zelda was close enough to touch Yoshi, and he saw a look on her face she had never directed at him before: adoration.
“Please Link, together we can turn this miserable world into something worth looking at.”
“She’s totally buying this,” Samus uttered with a bubbly giggle.
Claude watched the scene in disbelief. “I can’t believe this stupid disguise trick is working – again. And...Fox, are you drooling on me?”
Fox wiped his mouth. “Sorry...I’m getting really hungry and I think we know where that’s going.”
“So who exactly is supposed to subdue her?” Kirby asked.
“Niko has this big bulky costume, he should be able to hold her,” Fox said.
There was a rustle from the bushes when Samus lost her footing from giggling. Zelda’s suspicion was raised, but Yoshi grabbed her hand to keep her attention. Dark Princess or not, she blushed from the sudden contact.
“You do feel the same way about this, don’t you?” She ran a hand along his arm, noticing a peculiar difference. “My, your arm is smooth and green like scales. What happened to you? Your face is pale, and you’re a bit shorter too...”
The Black Falcon sailed to a stop in the street with its captain perched atop the ship’s mast.
“Am I bein’ deceived or is that a trove o’ some o’ the finest treasure I ever laid me eyes upon!?”
“Scoundrel!” Dark Zelda hissed. “You’ve interrupted a very important moment. Leave while I’ll still allow it.”
Falcon began climbing down the mast. “There ain’t a man or woman alive that can keep Captain Captain Falcon and his crew away from his prize!”
“Damn, they’re not supposed to be here at the same time!” Claude exclaimed.
“Why don’t we just let them fight each other?” Samus asked.
“Zelda’s gone dark and there are kids on that ship,” Fox explained. “If they go to war, people will inevitably get hurt.”
“We must deescalate this situation as soon as possible,” Iris spoke with a sense of urgency. “Zelda is the closest. It’s time to subdue her.”
All eyes turned on Niko.
“You’re the designated person of subduing,” Fox said, then mulled over his strange choice of words. “Put that monstrous costume to good use and subdue her! We’ll follow up and deal with Falcon.”
Fox patted him on the back with some encouragement before pushing forward. Niko burst through the bushes like a freight train charging straight for Zelda; Yoshi dove aside to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. With her attention on Captain Falcon, Dark Zelda was struck with shock and surprise by the ambush – and was even more shocked when Niko tripped and tumbled across the grass, rolling to a stop in a messy heap.
Fox slapped his forehead. “Dammit Niko! Why do I keep you around?”
“The costume was just too much for him,” Iris said with a cringe. “Poor Niko.”
Claude shook his head and looked away. “This is the guy that let James get kidnapped on his watch. You should’ve known better than to give him the important jobs. He can’t drop the ball if you never pass it to him.”
“Yeah, but he worships the ground I walk on,” Fox admitted with a shrug. “What’s a fox to do?”
Dark Zelda was livid and turned her cold gaze upon Niko. “You dare stage an ambush on the Princess of Darkness? You will become that which you pretend to be!” She hurled a bolt that struck Niko’s crumpled form; the magic word escaped him with almost little resistance, and the transformation immediately began.
“This right here – this is really bad,” Claude warned in a low voice. “I know you guys probably don’t know much about Mega Man X7, and I don’t blame you, but Flame Hyenard is not something that ever needed to be brought into this world.”
“Now you tell us!” Fox exclaimed, slapping his forehead so hard that his hand detached and rolled across his face. “Just fantastic!” He rummaged around in the grass and retrieved it.
“Go!” Dark Zelda commanded with glee. “Embrace your new form!”
The metal contraption that had been just a costume became the true metal carapace of the maverick of misery, a firestorm of nuisance and agony known only as Flame Hyenard. Part hyena, part machine, and all around irritating, Hyenard made his presence known by erupting in flames and screaming his infamous catchphrase:
[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]

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