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Meda's Creepy thread
Ah, there's a part from Amnesia: The Dark Descent that was interesting, I described it here.

Also, amazing writing, Colonial. That shit actually happened or did you just mess with the people in the comments?
Thank you.

There were rules for the No Sleep section of Reddit back then that required everyone to pretend like everything posted was true to help with immersion. As a result a lot of writers felt the need to stay in character in the comments.

I didn't encounter a wendigo but many of the small details in the story are accurate (the cats, how I described the relationship between the brothers, feeling awkward with firearms, etc.) I hoped this would make it read like a true story. The true story is one night, while home alone, I did go check out our barn because the door somehow came open and it was about to storm. Most of how the narrator describes this part is exactly how I felt and I never would have written this without having that experience.

That sucks that people tried to steal Ted's story. I actually really liked the ending. It works very well with the internet as a storytelling format. If I had a nitpick with the story it would be that it seemed like it dragged in the middle a bit. The ending might be my favorite part.

Claude Wrote:Guess I'll have to pull out some personal tales pretty soon.

*waits patiently* I read a bunch of creepy pastastuff fairly recently (October tends to put me in the mood) so something I definitely hadn't read before, fiction or otherwise, would be great.
"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it."
- Jack Handey
Ok, I didn't think much of it at first, but several hours later thinking back on it and trying to visualize it, that Candle Cove story has been giving me goosebumps for an hour now.

Funny how such small stories are more potent at being scary than any horror movie.
I've got a couple of stories, most of them are minor incidents that happened over a long period of time so I may end up condensing those into something larger, but the one I'm about to post I put up on Gamefaqs' personal encounters thread before that got locked/purged. Thinking back, it doesn't bother me that much anymore, but some of the people on the board thought it was pretty creepy. And no, it's not fiction.

Quote:Around the mid 90's, my cousin Sherri and her daughter Bre had lived in a small house on a cramped street for several years, and they were finally looking for a new place to live. I spent the day with them, which meant that I got to go house hunting. We checked out two houses that day. I don't remember the first house, but the second one I'll never forget.

The front yard was unkempt - there were pieces of metal scattered about the tall grass of the yard. We went inside and the place didn't look that bad. I usually find empty houses unsettling, but I wasn't really bothered by this place. Not yet.

Bre and I, being the impulsive kids that we were, decided to check the rest of the house out while Sherri talked to the real estate agent. The place was completely empty. It was pretty clear that no one had lived in the house for a long time. Then we decided to check out the basement.

The layout of the basement was exactly like one of my uncle's old houses, whereas his basement had a wooden motif, this one was pure concrete. We went through the basement and it, like the rest of the house, was completely barren, save for one detail. At the end of the basement was a door leading up to the backyard, and to the right of the door was a small section of wall with a face on it. Not an actual face, but a drawn one. Better than what a child could do, but still crude. The face looked like something out of a 50's ad, the closest comparison I can make is Alka-seltzer's Speedy mascot, but with brown hair and a wider grin.

We spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out why a face was there and who painted it. The face itself wasn't creepy, but its presence did rattle me a bit. In a house that was completely stripped of its past and personality, this was the one thing that remained. Just that fact alone was bothering me.

We decided to go back upstairs and tell Sherri. She wasn't really interested in the face as she checked out the rest of the house, and after what felt like forever, the agent took us down to the basement. We went to show her the face wasn't there. Like what most adults do to children, they rationalized and eventually dismissed our claims. We left the house soon afterward, but by then I was thoroughly creeped out and Bre was on the verge of tears.

Thankfully, they didn't move into that house. I don't even remember where it was, but sometimes I wonder about who did move in there and if they've seen the face, or had any other experiences in that place.

When I mention Speedy, I'm talking about this guy:

[Image: speedy-image.jpg]
*Shudders* Thank you for letting me know of the existence of that creepy fucking thing.

It isn't nearly as creepy but reading that reminded me of a time I was helping my brother move. The basement was unfinished and there wasn't really anything down there except for a washer and dryer so he planned on using it for storage. We were moving some of the things down there that he didn't want to unpack yet just to get them out of the way while we moved in the larger furniture. When they looked at the place they took nothing more than a cursory glance at the basement because they were told there was nothing down there. It was small and concrete and empty, nothing to see there. So he was a little surprised when we found a door under the stairs.

The door had two locks on it, a bolt and a lock on the knob itself, both of which only worked from the outside. Opening the door revealed a small, windowless, concrete room with a light that could only be turned on from a switch near the top of the stairs. There was a single box in there. It contained coloring books and toys suitable for a very young child.

I know it was probably just used as cold storage at one point*, I know the previous owners probably just forgot this box of baby stuff, but the whole thing made me feel very uncomfortable for the rest of the afternoon. The next time I went over there his idiot GF was using one of the coloring books and a few of the toys were sitting on their mantle. I'm not a superstitious person but that struck me as a poor choice.

* though the lack of shelves would be odd in that case.
"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it."
- Jack Handey
I know that feeling, Colonial. Something innocent that kinda takes a darker turn considering its location, reminded me of this:

Again, even less creepy, but still something that marked me. My memory might have warped it a bit but the main idea's still there: I went to a friend's parents' house 2 hours away from everything a long time ago, it's a big 2-story house in the prairie with their own horse ranch on the other side of the street. They have a big backyard and further back is endless fields of crops.

Since it was the first time we visited, they invited us into a peculiar shack in the backyard. They didn't build it, it was there when they got there, and they seemingly didn't use it for anything except maybe as a wine cellar. At first you'd think it would be there to keep random stuff like the lawnmower and tools, but no, as soon as you enter, I remember stairs going down, everything was in cement and it felt humid and cold inside even though it was the middle of summer. Once you go down, you reach something that almost felt like a prison. I remember a cell with metal bars, a few rare light sources that kept everything dimmed and claustrophobic alleys. But I kept going further in and reached this really small corridor at the end, you had to go all the way back into the basement of the shack and turn to the left to reach it. It wasn't connected to anything, didn't have the space for any shelves, just a dead end, dark alley. Except there was something at the back of the corridor; a rocking chair, an elaborate, wooden, very used, old style rocking chair with spider webs covering its every surfaces.

It felt so out of place and sudden that it really made an impression, I kept gazing at it since I was terrified of it just suddenly starting to rock by itself.
I would certainly not come down there by myself at night.
Oh right! The Dollhouse animated short!

Presented as something light hearted, but creepy as all hell.

The Purgatory short is also suitably unsettling.

Edit: Ending to the cave story was fine. A good horror story leaves much to the imagination, and I think this is why movies have a hard time being scarier than good old written horror stories.
Dollhouse was creepy, Purgatory not so much.

The rocking chair in the corridor reminded me of another thing that happened when I was young. My parents separated when I was really young and my father got married so I have a step mom and a step brother and sister. Me and my brother lived with my mom but we would spend some weekends with my father and our step family. They had a ton of toys, toys that, to this day, I still don't understand how you were supposed to play with them. Among said toys was a cartoony dog that was like a rocking horse except it was too thin to ride or anything. I remember we shoved all the toys in the closet before going to sleep, but we left the closet doors open. I woke up in the middle of the night to a weird shifting sound. The dog was half obscured by the closet door, but it suddenly started rocking like someone pushed it with all their might. I watched it for a good 30 minutes as it would rock, stop for a few minutes, then rock itself again. I wasn't freaked out at the time, but I do remember the next weekend we spent over there, I didn't want anything to do with that toy.
Also old but I was thinking about it the other day. The Cat with the Hands

I read The Mysterious Stranger (or what Twain completed of it) recently. This probably would have scared the shit out of me as a child. The Mysterious Stranger (animated)
"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it."
- Jack Handey
Yeah the Purgatory had more of a nostalgia feel to me, it really isn't that scary.

And good job remembering the Cat with Hands! Totally slipped my mind, but it really is an awesome short.

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