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Meda's Creepy thread
Getting back to internet based storytelling...The Dionaea House. Found this one last year and apparently it's getting turned into a movie.
This thread puttered out pretty fast, even before Halloween. So here's a kickstart - it's another thing that I posted on GameFAQs. It's not really creepy, but it was weird and I've never encountered something like it again.

Quote:I just remembered something from when I was really young. It was my encounter with a "ghost mouse," which I sometimes call the Shadow Mouse.

My preschool was literally two blocks away from one of my aunt's houses, so when school was out one of my cousins would come and pick me up and I'd stay there for the rest of the day. This was the early 90's - SNES had come out and was the hot shit, and the basement of the house was set up as the entertainment room. So my cousin Shonda and I would spend a lot of time down there playing Super Mario World.

One week they had a problem with a mouse. Apparently, no one could catch it. While we were playing SMW, it decided to visit the basement. This was the first time I had seen a mouse so closely, but even then I knew something was off. The mouse stayed against the wall, but it got distracting as it constantly darted behind furniture, so we decided that we were going to "finish it." It hid behind the TV cabinet, so we grabbed some loose toys and waited on opposite sides, fully intending on beating the mouse down. The mouse came out on my side; I had a baby doll by the leg and hurled that thing like a shuriken, nailing the mouse. The mouse was buried under the doll and didn't move. I was afraid to investigate, but when I went to grab the doll, the mouse went through the doll's body and ran back behind the TV. I was close enough to see it though, and realized that it had no actual detail or features. No eyes, no fur, it was just a solid black mouse-thing.

The mouse finally ran from behind the TV and went back up the stairs. We chased after it, but it was pointless. Like a shadow losing its light source, the mouse started to "fade" with every step it jumped. By the time it got halfway up the staircase, it had faded away completely. No one saw it again after that.

Never came close to seeing anything like that again. I did have a brief encounter with a "shadow person" though...
It's almost that time of the year again so I'm breathing new life into this thread.

In the late 90's, there was a TV show called Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. The basic premise was that it told around four stories with weird and fantastical elements and you would have to guess which ones were real or fake before it was revealed at the end. A lot of stories on the show would creep people out for years to come but the one I remember the most, and the one that often got talked about by people recalling the show, was the episode about the kid that disappeared from the closet. According to the show, this was one of their factual stories and actually happened. Someone uploaded it to youtube:

Basic summary is that a kid says there's a monster living in his closet and nobody believes him. The kid's older brother and his friends constantly torment him over it and force him to confront his fear. The kid's older brother closes himself in the closet to make a point and, in a room full of people, vanishes into thin air save for his clothes. The closet is searched but they never find him, and he's never seen again.

I did a little bit of research with some other people into this a few years ago and never found anything concrete to prove that this ever happened (though on the other hand, I guess you could say we couldn't prove that it didn't happen either). The closest you can get nowadays is someone claiming that they knew someone that knew the family that this happened to.
ClaudeLv250 Wrote:It's almost that time of the year again so I'm breathing new life into this thread.

In the late 90's, there was a TV show called Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. The basic premise was that it told around four stories with weird and fantastical elements and you would have to guess which ones were real or fake before it was revealed at the end.

I remember the show, uses to watch it. Don't actually remember any of the stories thou...

After reading that story all I could think was that it would make a good story for Warehouse 13. :p
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Untimely bump because I just remembered something that happened to me when I was really young.

This was back in the very early 90' 91 or 92. My family lived in an apartment complex called Hamilton Ridge (now known as Hamilton Springs). We had just gotten Super Mario Bros. 3 and were playing the hell out of it for like a week or two.

Late one night (after 12AM at least), I wake up to the sound of the hammer bros. theme...the TV in the living room is the only thing lighting the apartment. I look over and see my mom and brother still asleep, so I know for a fact that it's not them playing the game. Now I'm creeped out because I know that someone else is in our apartment. As a child, your options for dealing with things you don't understand tend to revolve around "wait" or "ignore" until whatever it is goes away or solves itself. Just as I'm hoping that whoever it is goes away, I see their shadow as they make their way down the hallway towards the bedroom...they stopped right before they entered the room, so all I saw was a vaguely human shaped shadow against the wall, standing there like sentry for a good minute or two. It felt like a dare, like it was daring anyone to wake up or move or something. Eventually it went back to the living room. I sat in that bed for another 15 minutes hoping whatever it was would just go away before I went back to sleep.

Of course I told my mom about it the next morning and she dismissed it. Said it was a dream. I considered the possibility, but I know it wasn't. Dreams like that tend to be nightmares. They're blurs. I don't know about you, but in my nightmares, if something is trying to get usually does. Those dreams usually involve things not working properly, not being able to move, making stupid decisions, etc. But those 15 minutes in that bed were very real, the feelings and the thoughts I had were of a child at a loss of what to do.

Nothing like that has ever really happened again.
I can't believe I forgot to update this thread for Halloween. Then again, I am the only one contributing...

I meant to post about this one a long time ago. Anyone familiar with creepy pastas have probably heard about it: The SCP Foundation.

It's basically a user-created and maintained fictional organization that contains supernatural objects/people/phenomena, written and catalogued realistically. Because it's based on community submissions, the entries can be hit or miss, but the rating system makes it easy to find the really good stuff. Some of the more popular entries are:

SCP-173: A living statue that murders the nearest person if line of sight is not maintained.
SCP-087: An endless staircase found on a campus. A half-face stalks about and a crying child can seemingly never be reached. The third expedition is the creepiest.
SCP-093: A strange disk that allows whoever is holding it to enter mirrors into a post-apocalyptic alternate reality.
SCP-682: An indestructible reptilian monster with an intense hatred for humanity. Is exposed to many of the foundation's contained horrors in an attempt to destroy it.
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I uses to read the The SCP Foundation site all the time. Great site with some amazing stories. Someone could make a cool TV series or even a video game using that site.
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You guys like spiders, right? You'll love this!

Quote:WELDON SPRING, Mo. (AP) - A family was driven from their suburban St. Louis home by thousands of venomous spiders that fell from the ceiling and oozed from the walls.

Brian and Susan Trost bought the $450,000 home overlooking two golf holes at Whitmoor Country Club in Weldon Spring in October 2007 and soon afterward started seeing brown recluse spiders everywhere, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported ( ). Once when showering, Susan Trost dodged a spider as it fell from the ceiling and washed down the drain.

She told St. Louis television station KMOV-TV in 2012 the spiders "started bleeding out of the walls," and at least two pest control companies were unable to eradicate the infestation.

The couple filed a claim in 2008 with their insurance company, State Farm, and a lawsuit against the home's previous owners for not disclosing the brown recluse problem.

At a civil trial in St. Charles County in October 2011, University of Kansas biology professor Jamel Sandidge - considered one of the nation's leading brown recluse researchers - estimated there were between 4,500 and 6,000 spiders in the home. Making matters worse, he said, those calculations were made in the winter when the spiders are least active.

The jury awarded the couple slightly more than $472,000, but the former owners declared bankruptcy, the insurance company still didn't pay anything and the couple moved out two years ago.

The home, now owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association, was covered with nine tarps this week and workers filled it with a gas that permeated the walls to kill the spiders and their eggs.
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Now I have the ebe-gee-bees!
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Belated Halloween post, strange encounter with a P40 plane:

Quote:On December 8, 1942, over a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor, radar in the United States picked up an unusual reading. What appeared to be an airplane was heading for American soil from the direction of Japan.

Quote:Two American pilots were sent to intercept the mysterious plane. As they approached the plane they radioed back to the ground to report that the aircraft was a P-40 and bore markings that had not been used since the attack on Pearl Harbor. When they pulled up alongside the craft they were shocked to find a bullet-riddled plane with landing gear blown away. Puzzled as to how a plane in this condition could even fly, they noticed the pilot was slumped in the cockpit, his flight suit stained with fresh blood. As they peered into the window the pilot raised slightly, turned in their direction, and smiled offering a meek wave towards his two allies. Moments later the mysterious craft plummeted from the sky smashing into the ground with a deafening roar.

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