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The Rumor Thread
Nintendo is having an investors meeting next week. If they're going to announce anything, it'll be there.
But we are already using the Nintendo Network. Mario Kart 7 use it to connect online. Is this just a NWFC re-name?
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FC changed due to my son formatting the 3DS Sad
"WFC" doesn't exist anymore and hasn't since 3DS launched. Nintendo Network is supposed to be the equivalent of XBL and PSN - a unified account based service for 3DS, Wii U and beyond.
RE5 is one of me favorite coop games of all time.
It'll be a shame if RE6 doesn't offer it anymore Sad
All the characters are paired in the trailer so it's going to be in there somewhere.
I finally watched the RE6 trailer.

Fuck Operation Raccoon City, I want this game, and I want it now. Return to zombies and city environment plus an updated version of the newer actiony engine plus a guy who punches the shit out of everything equals a happy me.
720 won't have a disk drive?

[QUOTE]MCV has learnt that Microsoft has been telling partners that the Next Xbox will NOT include a disc drive.

The briefings have been issued under what MCV
ClaudeLv250 Wrote:720 won't have a disk drive?

I could see the 720 being a Digital Download Only system, I see all systems going that way someday.

But the solid-state card storage... that seems BS, the price of doing something like that could make the games expensive. A cheap 32GB SD card can runs for about $25 (which is about the same price as 25pk of 25GB Blu-Ray discs) the manufacturing costs alone would make using a SD card a bad idea. Now a solid-state HD in the 720 that you can install games onto would be Awesome!
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Sonic reboot for 2014?

Quote:We’re told the core tenets of speed, platforming, and surreal environments will remain–as will Sonic and Dr. Eggman and the rivalry they share, though both characters may undergo a makeover. But as part of this possible reboot, anything and everything else is under review, says the source. That includes, at its core, the main supporting Sonic cast, even Tails, our source says. And while the idea of surreal environments would remain, a whole new universe for Sonic to do battle and new characters for him to befriend may be concocted, in effect destroying most canon that precedes the relaunch and wiping the slate nearly clean, according to our source. All the meanwhile, new gameplay methods and gimmicks are allegedly being fleshed out for Sonic to try.

Specifically, our source alleged the concept of “zones” may be revamped. In this possible reboot, zones would be massively expanded and become their own worlds, sort of speak. Within the zones, there would be individual levels masked as missions for Sonic to complete. The source most closely compared it to Electronic Arts’s Burnout Paradise, which is open-world and lacks a concrete, linear level structure. All of this would be enclosed in a new engine. Our source compared its next-gen capability to the likes of Unreal Engine 4, currently in development for the next crop of consoles, and Frostbite 2, used with EA’s Battlefield 3.

In list form:

- Sonic Team and Sega are looking to better monetize Sonic
- potentially “massive” and “total” reboot
- Sega and Sonic Team are “committed” to the reboo
- speed, platforming, and surreal environments will remain
- Sonic and Dr. Eggman's rivalry will continue
- both characters may undergo a makeover
- everything else is up in the air and may see radical changes, including Tails
- may birth a new universe and characters
- new gameplay methods and gimmicks
- zones would be massively expanded and become their own world
- zones feature individual levels masked as missions
- idea likened to Burnout Paradise
- includes a brand-new engine
- photo-realism is of no concern
- may aggressively pursue a collection model as part of the reboot
- targeting the young audience that enjoys physical collectibles
- may require physical emblems and collectibles to unlock special features
- SEGA inspired by Skylanders' success
- physical toys and collectibles may have an interactive component with a new cartoon series
- may offer classic characters in-game as DLC

I am both scared and intriuged. Open world Sonic with zones as worlds? For some reason I want to see them try this, and yet, Skylanders monetization makes me gag. I like what came from Colors and Generations and don't want to see that tossed out the window, but Sonic's been in such a state of flux that I'm not even sure Sega realized they had a good thing going.
I'm really torn on this as well...
If they handle the toys exactly like Skylanders I could be fine with that. You can complete the whole game with just the figures that come with the game. The Skylanders toys are nothing more then physical DLC. The game could comes with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and the other characters that you buy the toys for are nothing more then unlockable "skin", which is pretty much what most of the Sonic b-list cast is.
[Image: MedaForce.png]

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