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The Rumor Thread
Time to bring this back. With Vita and Wii U on the horizon though, this thread will most likely swing in that direction for awhile.

Anyways, Wii U Sonic was rumored awhile back but things just got a whole lot juicier from TSSZ.

Quote:TSSZ has learned Sonic Dimensions, a working title for the next Sonic, will take place directly after Generations and be a spiritual successor to Sonic Colors. We don’t know if this game will necessarily be exclusive to the Wii U, but we’re told it will have visual quality in line with Generations and it will take advantage of many Wii U specific capabilities. That includes the use of the Wii U mini-tablets for up to a 4 person multiplayer, and use of the revised Wii U remote and its touchscreen to destroy enemies and activate powers.

So what’s the gimmick this time? TSSZ has learned Dimensions’s storyline will center around another time-space continuum shift at the hands of Eggman that not only alters Sonic’s world, but himself. Sonic will allegedly split into multiple personalities denoted by color–each of which having their own unique abilities. That’s right, if this holds, recolored Sonics are now a reality.

In addition to the main Sonic, which will remain blue and act as a core uniting “ghost” of sorts in-game, we’re told there will be five other colors: Red, Orange, Purple, Green, and Yellow. We were told very specific things about each Sonic. Red Sonic, for example, can cause explosions to presumably open up new areas, but has a slow speed and a short jump. Purple Sonic, allegedly parodying Shadow and Silver, will be able to move platforms and float, with the dark nonsensical attitude to boot. And perhaps the most interesting tidbit: our sources compared the Orange personality to Big the Cat, a lumbering hedgehog even slower than his red counterpart…until he’s powered up. There is also a yellow Sonic–not a Super Sonic–that will be the fastest of them all, but take damage easily. The source alleges only two of the personalities can be used in-stage, but all may be able to combine and act as an equivalent Super Guide. The White Sonic allegedly pops up as an option after dying in a stage a certain number of times. Using it guarantees the lowest rank at the end.

If that sounds a lot like a Nintendo idea, that’s because it is, and no wonder; we’ve learned Sega is allegedly working directly with some Nintendo developers on this game. That’s in addition to most of, if not the entire staff for Sonic Colors being back on board for Dimensions. The Nintendo developers are allegedly assisting Sega design the levels, which we’re told will be more surreal, on similar thinking as Colors. Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2 was cited as a stage that may see its ideas and concepts revived for Dimensions.

Another concept allegedly coming back: Rival battles. Eggman’s scheme is allegedly so out of control, it splits apart not just Sonic, but everyone in his world, including his friends, and the mad doctor himself. One example we learned about was the possibility of Sonic and personalities fighting an evil version of Amy Rose, finally tired of Sonic refusing her advances. We’re also told Eggman will split, and a kind-hearted version of him will act as Sonic’s guide.

The final item of note from our source is yet another assurance that we will see some 2D gameplay within, and those mechanics will be “directly ripped” from the classic Sonic physics, though we’ve heard that line for a while.

That's a lot of details, but it's not the first time a leak turned into a flood at Sega.
not sure how I feel about something like this... Sonic games that try new un-Sonic like ideas rarely turn out good. This games sounds like they are trying to do Sonic Adventure 3 but replaced all supporting characters with different color Sonics, which seems like Sega heard about what we disliked about Sonic Adventure 2 BUT thought it was the characters we disliked and not their stupid game play.....
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Really? Sounds like Colors 2 to me, and for as much as people claimed that game's ideas to be un-Sonic beforehand, it turned out to be the best one in years.
Sounds more like Zelda: Four Swords to me. Could be good, but as with all Sonic games, I'm not holding my breath.
--If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? --

--You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.--
ClaudeLv250 Wrote:Really? Sounds like Colors 2 to me, and for as much as people claimed that game's ideas to be un-Sonic beforehand, it turned out to be the best one in years.

Never got around to play Sonic Colors, it was on my list but it just kept getting pushed down and eventually I just forgot about it. =/
I bet I could find it pretty cheap by now, maybe its time to dust off the old Wii and give it a shot.
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Xbox 3 rumors started up a few months back and now a French site is dropping specs and claiming it will appear at CES.

Quote:"Level of CPU, it'll have a 6-core which has 2GB of DDR3 (ram), and our source also talked about a prototype of a double AMD GPU. We don't know how much RAM (the GPU has)"

Some people are having meltdowns because these specs aren't the Wii U-crushing, reality bendingly powerful machine their little fanboy wishes were hoping for.

Apparently there's supposed to be a lot of coverage for this upcomign CES, so something's happening...
Resident Evil 6?
ClaudeLv250 Wrote:Resident Evil 6?

Quote:Resident Evil 6 is heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20, 2012, with a PC release to follow, says Capcom. In it, returning favorites Leon S. Kennedy (the "S" stands for "Superhair") and Chris Redfield (tree arms from RE5) will play co-leads, each leading his own campaign through the US and China, respectively. The brand new trailer is just above.

Any of this sound familiar? That's probably because the next entry in the Resident Evil series was outed a bit earlier than its publisher expected this afternoon, when images of RE6 marketing were sent to IGN by a Gamestop employee. Subsequently, a flood of details about the unannounced game were unleashed by a couple different outlets regarding its gameplay, dev team, and characters.

Many of said details have been re-confirmed by Capcom in its own press release, though it's lacking in the specificity we reported earlier. The trailer, however, depicts a new martial-artsy character fighting various ... things (and people), some splashes of cover-based shooting, and a presidential zombie. And is that Ashley? Three words: Oh. Em. Gee.

After RE5 I really stopped caring about this series. =/
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Nintendo Network - Unified Nintendo online service? Makes sense to me!
If true, about bloody time.
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