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Dover, New Hampshire – November 7, 2011 – In homage to the early arcade game days when Pac-Man and Donkey Kong ruled the video game world, Medaverse Studios announced Monday that their next game will be R-Bot vs.

R-Bot vs. is a throwback to the old tabletop arcade games and combines a classic game feel with modern looking graphics. In the platform game, players race to collect a given number of objects in order to capture the end level item first.

R-Bot vs. is a spin-off of another game still in development by Medaverse Studios and will be the second video game the studio releases. In October 2009, their first game Gravitronix, an action arcade-style game, was released to the Wii.

After Gravitronix was released, Medaverse Studios quickly put in development another game using the Apple iPad, but when developing the game realized there were many features they wanted to experiment with but would not fit into the game.
“We were learning new tools and implementing features to use as a placeholder and thought, ‘This is pretty cool! Why don’t we make it into a game?’” said Mike Lockhardt, co-owner and artistic director at Medaverse. “Then we thought to spin it off into a side game.”

Some of these features include making it into a two-person game, where players are able to sit opposite each other and play on either side of the iPad. In addition, the game is not just one-finger operated but has a directional and A-button.
“We hadn’t seen anyone who did that yet,” Lockhardt said. “It’s a new way to play the game that’s not a standard controller.”

Part of the experience in making R-Bot vs., according to Lockhardt, has been getting to know the software and its limitations, but he said in order to become a better game developer it is all part of the process.

“If you want to figure out how video games work, you need to work through each generation to take baby steps and work up,” he said. “You don’t get much simpler than the arcade games and they’re still popular. There’s a reason why Pac-Man and Mario are still popular after all this time. We’re still a baby company. We need to learn and grow.”

R-Bot vs. is currently slated for a late 2011/early 2012 release. Once the iPad version is done, Medaverse said they will be looking into bring it over to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

[Image: 001.png][Image: 002.png][Image: 003.png][Image: 004.png][Image: 005.png]

Sprites from the game:
[Image: RbotP1_Jumping.png][Image: RbotP1_standing.png][Image: RbotP2_Jumping.png][Image: RbotP2_standing.png]

Images from the table:
[Image: Rbot_logo.png]
[Image: R-Bots_Sticker.png]
[Image: MedaForce.png]

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