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New Testaments: Secret of Mana
REPOST! The super-collaborative Secret of Mana project is back. Written by myself, Niko, Onlsaught (and a little bit from Dalamar), it's a sequel that takes place 10 years after the game and introduces new characters with the return of some familiar faces.

Disclaimer: Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu are the property of Square Enix. We just like to write about it.

New Testaments: Secret of Mana

Ten years ago
The legendary warrior and his companions
Defeated an evil threat
With the legendary Holy Sword
Evil and Mana disappeared
And the world was safe again...

Well, they say that time flows like a river
And history often repeats itself
But today...history will not be repeated
It will be created!


*Claude Augario*

Ah...Gold I loathe this place. Who Am I? Why, I'm Claude Augario, only son of the Augario family. My parents...I don't hate them, but I don't agree with their views on life. They think most people that don't live here are barbaric and unsanitary. In fact, just about everyone here thinks that way. And I'm the oddball for not agreeing with them.

I'll get off this island eventually, just you wait! One day, I'll travel the world...I might even go on an adventure, one like the legendary hero...


Gold walls, gold doors, gold grass, gold trees! A magnificent sight the entire island was...but not for Claude. This was everyday life to him, and he was sick of it.

Claude covered his eyes as they began to adjust to the early morning light within seconds. He peered through his window out at the city while blocking the still-rising sun with a hand over his head. The setting was the usual; gold everywhere and the inhabitants of the city bustling through the golden roads and pathways, twisting and weaving between houses.

Not a very big city; and not many visitors came to Gold City despite it being on the global "must visit" list of places to travel to once in your life. The attitudes of the island's inhabitants and its location gave a sense of isolation. And then there was the fact that the island was sinking...

Claude spotted a gathering of people near the edge of the island. "I wonder what's going on..." He dressed and headed down the stairs of his house...


They aren
Chapter 1: The Start of an Adventure
Arc I: Fall Unto Destiny

The World of Mana...or rather, a world formerly filled with mana. This world that has stood the test of time for millennia had no agreeable name, though there were always whispers and rumors that the land where all life and mana was birthed, and once the resting place of the Tree of Mana, had been called
[FONT=&amp] [/FONT]Chapter 2[FONT=&amp]: [/FONT][FONT=&amp]Potos under Fire[/FONT]
By ClaudeLv250

Claude stuffed food and gold into the small brown pouch that sat on the desk in his room. He moved delicately to make sure as to not wake his parents, using the little early morning light penetrating through his single window to guide him. When he filled it to its maximum capacity, he tied it onto the right side of his waistband that held his sword on the left. He slipped into his blue boots, tightened his short-sleeved blue vest, adjusted his headband, and then slung the waistband around his waist.

[FONT=&amp]Chapter 3[/FONT][FONT=&amp]: [/FONT][FONT=&amp]A Ripple in the System[/FONT]

By ClaudeLv250

[FONT=&amp]Chapter 4[/FONT][FONT=&amp]: [/FONT][FONT=&amp]Run[/FONT][FONT=&amp] with the Wolf[/FONT]

By Niko

Niko hurdled some bushes and ducked through some alleys, still clutching the large cut of meat against his chest. From behind him, he could hear the voices of angry villagers searching for him. Coming out of an alley, he backed up against the wall to catch his breath. Quickly, he thought back to how he was talked into this.

* * *

[FONT=&amp]Chapter 5:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] The Woes of Terran[/FONT]

By ClaudeLv250

The repetitive sound of pounded wood echoed through the silent village. After a few more moments of silence, Dae went to raise her arm and knock again when Claude intervened.

[FONT=&amp]Chapter 6:[/FONT][FONT=&amp] Into the Thick of It[/FONT]

By ClaudeLv250

The dark, silent forest was interrupted by a flash of light and the arrival of two visitors. Claude and Dae stepped off of the magical symbol embedded into the ground. They immediately began to observe their surroundings. The grass was a dark green, the dark trees loomed ominously at every angle and anything not on the main grassy path was shrouded in darkness. Dark. Everything was dark.

A thin red haze had replaced the once bright sky, and nonchalantly occupied the rest of the forest. It was one of the most bizarre places Claude had ever seen, and it completely contrasted Gaia
[FONT=&amp]Chapter 7:[/FONT] [FONT=&amp]A Somber Wish[/FONT]

By ClaudeLv250

“Hey, hey! You haven’t even told us your name yet!” Terran cried out over the creaking of the old doors to the castle’s foyer. There was an audible “clunk” sound as the door closed, with the quartet standing alone, encompassed by the blue walls and floors of the hallway.

“I’m Niko,” the vulpine said, looking around for any sign of wolves.

“Well I’m Claude, that’s Dae with the bow and backpack, and the big chicken is Terran,” Claude teased, which garnered a glare from Terran.

“Hey...calm down,” Dae said to the vulpine kindly. “If the werewolves aren’t here, I know someone who could locate them for you. Right now, you should relax and recover. It hasn’t been that long since we found you.”

“I guess you’re right...” Niko sighed. Claude and Terran had already started heading down the hallway.

“So...” Dae started, “do you remember anything before whatever it was happened?”

“Yeah, maybe it will help you remember what happened,” Claude added on, opening the door at the end of the hallway. They entered a room with a table and set of chairs.

“Well, for the past few days, I’ve been part of the pack,” Niko explained. Terran took this time to sit down on one of the chairs. “I started from the bottom and tried to work my way up to be a real member by helping them and doing what they told me. You know, running errands and...”

“Errands?” Claude remarked. “What kind of errands could werewolves possibly ever need?”

“I sort of...took some meat from a village. The pack really needed it...”

“Wait, you don’t mean Kippo?” Dae asked.

“The villagers were fuming over that incident,” Claude said. “Did you have to steal it? Why couldn’t the wolves just buy it themselves?”

“The people don’t like them and won’t let them anywhere near the village,” Niko informed them, still feeling that the wolves had been wronged.

“I can see why,” Claude remarked, but jumped and tensed at the sound of a familiar scream. They all looked over to Terran, who had fallen out of the chair and landed on his back.

“What did you do now, Terran?” Claude questioned with a hint of agitation.

“The chair threw me off of it!” Terran exclaimed, sitting up and rubbing his backside. Before anyone could reply to his nonsense, the chair he had been sitting on reared its front legs and galloped towards the trio. They jumped out of the way and it slammed into the wall.

“What’s going on!?” Niko shouted out in surprise.

“Enchanted furniture!” Dae nocked an arrow and plugged it into the chair. It didn’t seem phased as it turned around and charged towards them again.

By now, Terran had stood and readied his spear, unaware of the second chair behind him seemingly coming to life. It raised its two front legs and kicked him in the back, knocking him back onto the ground, and then galloped over him and towards the trio to help out its partner. It was met with a wide slash from Claude’s Broad Sword. Though the attack took out a good portion of its back, it continued as if nothing had ever happened. It raised its legs to kick Claude, but was met by a kick itself and fell over, bending and swinging its wooden legs wildly in an attempt to get back up.

Things got worse as a third chair sprung to life and galloped around the room, effectively confining the party to a smaller area. Dae began to nock an arrow when the chair took advantage of the situation, catching her off guard as it charged towards her. Just as it was about to strike her, it was met with a swift kick from Niko, sending it sailing through the air and onto the table, two of its broken legs sliding over the surface and onto the floor. It flailed around a bit before being smashed by a powerful slam with Terran’s Memento Spear.

The second chair, which had now managed to get back to its feet, rammed into Claude and was stabbed in the process. As it recoiled with a stab wound now in its seat, Dae unleashed an arrow into it just before it was finished off with a powerful kick from Niko that resulted in a burst of wooden fragments.

The first chair was hailed upon by Dae’s arrows as it prepared to charge again and avenge its fallen comrades. It was met with a powerful swing from Terran’s spear which caused it to slide into a wall, where it was finished off with a slash from Claude that left its seat in two.

Weary from the battle, the party began to relax. Terran huffed and looked back to the table. “You don’t think...?” He said, pointing to a fourth chair sitting regularly at the table. Within seconds the four of them were upon it, beating and breaking its wooden frame until only pieces were left. Since it didn’t struggle, they were left to assume that this chair was not alive.

A repetitive clicking echoed from behind the door, getting louder as if something was approaching. The door swung open and a young woman entered.

“What’s going on...!?” She gasped at the sight. “Who are you people?”

“You’re not Elinee, are you?” Claude asked.

“No, I’m Eliza. What do you people want?”

“We were attacked by the furniture...” Dae said. “But we’re here to retrieve something which we were told Elinee may have.”

“Well she’s not here, and I have important business to attend to. Stop bothering me and go back from wherever you came,” Eliza said sharply, hoping to discourage the guests. “I can’t guarantee that you won’t be attacked by anymore furniture. I don’t exactly control them.”

“Well, have you seen any werewolves around here?” Niko spoke up.

“That’s classified information,” she replied, cocking her head to the side with a devious smirk, causing the pointed hat atop her blonde hair to shift a little. “Now leave.”

It was Terran’s turn to speak. “But these people have come a long way. They were specifically told to retrieve a special item.”

Eliza narrowed her eyes as she became suspicious at these people’s insistence to obtain this ‘special’ item. “If you’ve come looking for what I think it is, I won’t give it to you! Ever!” She screamed, with a newfound anger. She held the palm of her hand out and began to chant, casting a spell.

Force Wall!” She cried out, an invisible shockwave exploding from her palm and knocking everyone off of their feet, scattered pieces of wood flying against the opposite wall. When they looked up, she was gone, having fled through the door back from whatever part of the castle she had come from.

“Now what!?” Terran exclaimed.

“We follow her!” Claude ordered, being the first to charge out of the room and give chase through the castle.

Having heard the shuffling of feet not far behind her, Eliza grabbed her broom and took to the air for faster travel. She ducked through a room, knowing exactly where she needed to be, but not before leaving behind a few surprises.

The party entered the room to an odd sight. It seemed that two eyeballs had grown out of the floor, their green stems rooted into the ground almost like plants.

“Kill them! Quick! They can spawn more monsters!” Dae warned, though a little too late as one managed to summon a Chobin Hood, which took to life quickly as it nocked an arrow and fired upon the group.


Eliza flew down a hallway of bookshelves and hopped off of her broom in front of a specific one, which she left a flamboyant green book for her own memory’s sake. She pushed gently against the right side of the case, and it gave way, swinging open and revealing a cylindrical room with a pedestal in the center. She walked down the staircase, which trailed along the curved walls and under the single window shedding an ominous light onto the lone item sitting upon the pedestal: a black book.

She held her broom firmly as she approached the book. In an instant, it sprung to life and flapped its pages threateningly at her, seconds away from attacking. She gave it a good whack and it seemingly returned to being a normal book once again. Tucking it under her arm and holding the broom in the opposite hand, she climbed the stairs back up towards the hallway, but was met with a surprise as she came face to face with her aunt, Elinee.

“Did you summon the Eye Spies...Eliza?” The old woman croaked upon seeing just where the young woman had emerged. “ did you find out about the Necronomicon!?”

“I found it by accident awhile ago...” She said, shrinking beneath her aunt’s powerful gaze.

“Put it back where you found it, right now! It’s more dangerous and powerful than you could ever imagine!” When Eliza refused, Elinee tried to grab it. Eliza reacted and pushed her through the hidden opening.

“SHRIEK!” Elinee screamed.

Eliza closed the bookshelf and chanted, sealing the doorway with a thinly veiled barrier. She heard Elinee’s knocking and yelling on the other side.

“If you had never lied about, if you had never sent him to his grave, I wouldn’t have to do this!” She screamed, her emotions getting the best of her as she felt her eyes watering. She sat on her broom and took off down the hallway.


The Chobin Hood squeaked as its bow was sliced in half by the sword. The attack was followed up by a punch to its snout by Niko. It spun to the ground and drifted out of the conscious world.

A second Chobin Hood found itself wounded by one of Dae’s arrows, and seeing that the battle was not going in its favor, it decided to flee and ran out of the room.

The last eye spy left was delivered a final blow from Terran. It was confirmed to have been slain when it disappeared in a poof of smoke, much like its partner.

“C’mon, we can’t waste anymore time!” Claude shouted, leading them through another door and down a hallway of bookshelves. They came across a room with a desk, perhaps Elinee’s own personal room. Climbing the steps, they ignored the furniture that came to life and headed straight for the door, bursting through to yet another odd sight.

They stepped into a long arena of sorts, the absence of a ceiling giving way to the dark sky of the Haunted Forest. It looked no less ominous than the dark, web infested corridors of the castle. Not far from them was Eliza, kneeling with a book opened in front of her. She chanted quietly while the quartet watched her curiously.

“This is my wish,” she finally whispered to herself. She placed her palms upon the ground and a magical symbol began to write itself out. “I’ll bring you back. I don’t have the seed like I wanted...but maybe I can fix things once I do have it...” A trickle ran down her face and the teardrop landed on the glowing pattern just as it emitted a dazzling light, causing all to cover their eyes. The light died down a little, still filling the arena but mellow enough for them all to witness the undead abomination that clawed and climbed its way out of the depths of the underworld for another chance at life.
[FONT=&amp]Chapter 8:[/FONT] [FONT=&amp]Things Better Left Forgotten[/FONT]

By Nikovich

As their eyes had adjusted to the light, the four stood in shock of the beast standing before them, now completely emerged from its unnatural origin. For the first time in years, it inhaled deeply, hulking over those in its presence. Almost twice the size of a man
[FONT=&amp]Chapter 9[/FONT][FONT=&amp]: [/FONT][FONT=&amp]The Chosen One of Water[/FONT]

By ClaudeLv250


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