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Wii U center (face it: musou is a genre)
I wasn't super impressed with what they had shown up to that trailer, now I want the game!

I have the demo downloading right now, here's hoping the demo lives up the the trailer. Big Grin
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So in case anybody missed the Nintendo Direct, the big announcement was Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou) a spinoff series that is a Zelda-based Dynasty Warriors game developed by Omega Force (Tecmo Koei).


At first I was like "wut" but now I'm looking forward to the game. One of the best things about Dynasty Warriors/Musou games is the large cast of maybe we will finally get a playable Zelda and such.
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Seems like a lot of the gaming site writers hate the whole idea ::cough:: IGN ::cough::

Me on the other hand, I've super excited about it. It looks awesome, to me I would think if there was a threat of Ganon you would have a more war like situation like what is shown then going around only fighting an enemy or two. I also love seeing other Hyrulians fighting. I can't wait to see more at E3.
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Most of those sites tolerate Dynasty Warriors at best, usually because of complaints about repetition/rehashing since the series doesn't have the street cred of Call of Duty.

What I'm curious about is how they're going to approach the story...there are a couple of points in the timeline where all out war could be depicted, and if they fill in those blanks, it lets them bring in loads of characters since there's nothing canon saying that versions of those characters couldn't exist at that time. Speaking of which, people are already spotting characters in the trailer:

[Image: 1ZHHZj9%20(1).jpg]

[Image: anC6cDP.jpg]

First one looks like Impa, second one could be...Nayru?


GameXplain analysis

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Thought I'd breathe some life back into this thread with the Hyrule Warriors blowout. Site is up:

Also a lot of screens neatly organized at:

Impa confirmed playable. New antagonist named Cia. Couch co-op with the gamepad. They're still being pretty mum on the amount of characters and extra features, but E3 is around the corner...
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I can't wait for this game.
Can't wait to see what new is showed off at E3 Big Grin
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