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Wii U center (face it: musou is a genre)
Instead of hijacking the rumor thread with just Wii U stuff, and seeing that we're close enough to some future announcements, I'm just going to use this thread to post rumors and news (but the really big stuff can get its own thread).
Ubisoft just announced that Assassin's Creed 3 will released on the Wii U, no word if its day 1 with the other versions.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Wii U can do 3D.

This is actually old news but none of the big sites really payed attention, so it's new to a lot of people. Nintendo danced around the subject initially but Iwata eventually came out and confirmed that it does 3D.
Shame they need to waste time on that stupid fad so people who love buzzwords don't have another dumb thing to complain about.
As long as it just there for people who were dumb enough to buy a 3DTVs and not a feature they are going to push I'll be happy. I don't even use the 3D on my 3DS. Thankfully most of the US is finally starting to get sick of the damn fad (to bad europe is behind us and are just now getting into this stupid fad...) hopefully in the next couple years we will finally see this whole 3D thing finally disappear.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
1001 Spikes coming to Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo has some sort of embargo on announcing new Wii U games but I guess eshop titles are exempt.
Wii U retail games will be sold digitally at launch

Quote:Nintendo is exploring digital distribution of "full" retail games on the 3DS with New Super Mario Bros. 2. The company is even more aggressive about digital distribution with its next console, the Wii U: president Satoru Iwata announced plans today to sell Wii U games both in stores and through digital distribution at launch.

This will be subject to the same plan as 3DS games, in which retailers will be able to sell download codes. Strangely, this is Nintendo's solution to the problem of its online games having fixed prices, as retailers will be allowed to set their own selling prices of digitally distributed games (in other words, put things on sale and discount them).

Like this idea, and I hope other studios follow with day was availability. My only issue is the fact that they are going to be the same price (or more) as retail versions, and in that case I would rather buy a retail version... I get the feeling Nintendo wants this to fail, so they can say no one wants it (like they always do when it comes to internet related stuff).
[Image: MedaForce.png]
Why would Nintendo want something to fail when they get more money out if it succeeding?
Rayman Legends trailer leaked, lots of Wii U play. Shows the NFC feature of the controller (in other words, the controller can do what Skylanders does without the stand). Activision should be loving this.
I actually forgot to post this when it first happened but a Traveller's Tale employee took a picture of the updated Wii U Controller and leaked it onto twitter.

[Image: BPXt0.jpg]


[Image: smaller.gif]

The employee was fired and may possibly be sued, so that should prove the legitimacy when lawyers are coming into the picture.

The old design was a little more cohesive but the new one looks much more usable in button layout. Can't figure out what the squares are for.

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