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Last Movie you watched (Not in theaters)
No Strings Attached
Great movie. This is one of those rare Romantic Comedy that actually realizes that guys have to watch these things too. Fun movie to watch, and Natalie Portman rocks.

I Am Number 4
I didn't remember hearing a lot about this movie when it came out, I remember seeing the trailer a few times, but thats about it. So I was pretty surprised on how good it was. It was defiantly aimed at the more tween/teenage crowed. The fight scenes were cool, the characters were okay, and while the story wasn't amazingly good it did lay down a pretty good foundation for a trilogy. I hope they do go forward at some point and make a sequel cause they did a really good job building it up for one.
Haseena Atom Bomb

A Pakistanese jewel from start to finish. 3 hours of fat women dancing to what seem to be improvised choreographies, quick flashes of their crotch or boobs, epic fights with forklifts and horses where every hit sends you tumbling 5 meters away but you still get right a second after before it doesn't need to make sense in Pakistan and death scenes by the fatal sting of a gigantic syringe sucking the blood out of you.

There were no subtitles, but it sure kept us entertained.

Fatal Deviation

A low-budget treat. Ridiculously bad actors, dumb lines, non-sensical story somehow involving monks hosting underground fighting tournaments to the death, music that makes no sense with the mood, a horribly developed love story with a sex scene that happens in a *flashback montage*, a main character punching, kicking and shooting people before they are even confirmed as enemies, a bike chase that defies logic and gun fights where the main character constantly does things that would normally get him shot dead in a second.
Insidious - Major disappointment... Trailer suckered me in.
[Image: MedaForce.png]

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