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10th Anniversary Extravaganza
Around ten years ago, IGN dealt a deafening blow (the first of many) to its community by locking all of its forums behind the Insider-only pay wall, splintering its community and turning elitists into monsters. I was lucky enough to have someone relay me the link to this forum where several refugees landed. We've lost people over the years but the meda community is still here.

This is the celebration thread.
Wow, 10 years already? I wasn't even married and just came back home from the Army when this happen. Now ten years later, I'm a married man and have three wonderful children of mine and live in a small wooden house in a country side away from all the city noise I grew up in. Who brought the champagne?
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Wow, Its really been ten years.

I was still in college when I got this site going. Now I'm married and have produced 2 video games under the Medaverse name (With a 3rd in very early development) Wink

We've been though a lot as a small community. Many changes, Countless hacker attacks, crazy users, hardware failure. It's nice to know that even after all that time we still have a core group who still comes here. Smile
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Indeed. Smile

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