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Sure seems lonely around here..
What's happenin' guys?

Where's pap and Smashbro?
Pap works at Nintendo World Report so he spends all his time there.
SmashBro pretty much left after Gravitronix fizzled out, I don't even see him much in real life. That I know he pretty much just plays MMOs now.

A lot of us wound up with a lot less time to game and talk online cause of our personal life talking over more of our time.

It's just a very small group of us, pretty much just friends talk here now.
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The last board wipe made it obvious who does and doesn't check in now.
I still do check in from time to time, but lately my I'm just not into internet that much.
3DS FC: 1375-8024-1319
FC changed due to my son formatting the 3DS Sad

Been busy.

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