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How do you discontinue an iOS game?
You don't spend the $99 to renew your dev account.

Sales of the game were 'meh' at best. Halfway though the year sales were around 1 every couple of weeks, so spending the $99 to renew my account so Apple would leave my game up was a pretty big waste of money.

I've been playing around with the idea of maybe re-releasing the game as a free PC/Mac game.
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I didn't know you needed to renew your account.

$99 every year otherwise they pull all the stuff that you have released.
I was a bit surprised, I figured that they would have left the game up (like everyone else does) and just not allow me to update it or release new games until I renewed. Makes me a little reluctant to make another game for iOS.
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Not to mention the whole process with creating bundle identifiers for all of your projects is one of the biggest headaches on the planet. The company I work for puts a bunch of stuff out on mobile devices and it's like Apple's intentionally made submitting to the app store an incredibly painful project for any developer that isn't going to get them money through purchasing.

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