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Playstation 4 announced
Did anyone pre-order any of the systems? :p
With this and Watch Dogs delayed until next year a lot of people I know are now rethinking their PS4 preorders and may just wait till next year to get their systems.
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So broken PS4s seem like a thing. IGN, Kotaku, and Forbes all had their PS4s break, and a couple of the taco bell PS4s are having issues too. Sounds like the problem is with the HDMI jack, but that's not necessarily the case with each one.

Are we already seeing next gen's RROD?
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When I was first starting to hear about it I just thought a few people were making a bigger deal over it then they should and people were just going overboard since everyone loves to give shit, the WiiU had it's issues at launch, It's pretty normal for the first batch to have a few troublemakers. But now I am getting the feeling this is a lot worst then I thought, Seems like its hitting a lot larger percentage then an acceptable norm would have been.
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