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Soul of a Smasher Vol. I: Minuet of Link
Link is in possession of the greatest sword in Hyrule's history, but there won't be much time to celebrate. And back in Centropolis, the rift created by his sudden departure only deepens...


[align=center][B][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Chapter 10
It's the showdown you've all been waiting for! Personally, I was waiting for it too. I like to write battle scenes.

Link's revenge has been due since the prologue. Kneph is back, but now our hero has the support of the Brotherhood. Will their numbers overwhelm the demon, or will Azazel's spawn show off a few new tricks?


[align=center][B][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Chapter 11
The battle with Kneph rages on. Lucario may be a powerhouse, but Link has a hidden power that might greatly contribute to the fight...


[align=center][B][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Chapter 12
[SIZE=3]This is the first NEW chapter posted here since meda went down.

I said this would be a split POV chapter, but I changed my mind. I felt like this scene worked better alone.

We return to Centropolis, where Derwin meets someone he never expected...


[align=center][B][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Chapter 13
Chapter 14 – Initiation

Link stood on the ridge of the tree that he had made his home so many years ago. The spot became a makeshift deck and he, as he did many times before, used it as the perfect place to watch the amber sunset wash over Ordon in the distance.

The door behind him opened, followed by heavy footsteps. He glanced to his side to see Roy in much better shape despite the remaining bandages where Kneph had struck him.

“Feeling better?”

Roy raised his arms into the air for a stretch. “Much, after I got my hands on a Maxim Tomato.”

Link didn’t question it; he had no idea what a Maxim Tomato was, but apparently it was pretty powerful. Secrets of the Brotherhood he’d learn once he was in, hopefully. His mind wandered to the previous battle and how Roy fared. He hadn’t admitted it yet, but he found Roy’s fire blade attacks to be impressive and wondered about his own potential.

“You’re an Elementalist?” he finally asked.

Roy looked surprised, and a little flattered. “Me? No, not officially.”

“Really? You’re so skilled with flame techniques.”

“Well, you’ve got to learn the skill before you can master it, right?”

Link nodded, but Roy folded his arms, annoyed with a new hunch.

“Wait a minute, just how much did Lucario tell you about the elements?”

“Just that there were nine elements, when I thought there were six at the most, and that everyone has an element,” Link said, feeling out of the loop. “We were sort of in a hurry.”

Roy rolled his eyes. “Oh, it figures he’d have me do his dirty work. Alright, I’ll tell you the basics.

“Reality and life as we know it is formed from the nine elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Nature, Thunder, Darkness, Light and Spirit. Everyone’s soul is bonded to at least one of these elements upon creation. When you learn how to use your element and become a master with those abilities, you’re a Geomancer.”

“Wait, Geomancer?”

“Geomancer, Elementalist. Same thing.” Roy shrugged. “Whichever title is preferred depends on where you are. See, my element is fire, so that would eventually make me a Pyromancer or a Fire Elementalist. Since your element is Nature, you’ll become a Forestmancer, or Nature Elementalist.”

Link tried to imagine people wielding the other elements, including those in the Brotherhood. Marth and Peach didn’t display any overt elemental powers, so he could only guess what their elements were. In direct contrast, there was rarely a moment when Lucario wasn’t tapping into his power.

“What’s Lucario’s element? I’ve heard him tossing ‘Aura’ around.”

“Oh, his element is spirit. Aura is his style, a sort of subset of an element’s potential you can carve out for yourself. It’s like how I mostly incorporate flames into my swordplay, a style called Pyrokenjutsu. Anyone with a sword and the fire element can pull off Pyroken if they learn it. I’m not that familiar with the nature element, but you can practice a style or dabble in all sorts of aspects of your element’s power as you see fit, if you want to.”

Link sighed. “Spirit seems like a really powerful element.”

“Well, people with the spirit element are really rare. Rarer than duos like Ike.”


“Oh yeah, you didn’t meet him yet. He’s part of the Brotherhood too. Duomancers or Fusion Elementalists have two elements bonded to their souls. Ike’s got fire and earth.” Roy frowned. “He thinks he’s so special, but he could easily be considered a freak of nature for that.”

Roy’s disapproving words surprised Link. Was Ike a bad guy, or was Roy jealous?

The redheaded swordsman saw Link’s reaction and began to explain himself. “I’ve known Ike for a while; you’ll see what I mean whenever you meet him. He’s like a teacher’s pet – a mini-Lucario in personality. Like we really needed two.”

“Lucario doesn’t seem that bad to me,” Link admitted. “He might seem a little cold at first but he’s got some good intentions.”

“Yeah, yeah. His blunt nature and abrasive attitude can get annoying after a while, you know? To tell you the truth, you’re a breath of fresh air.”

“Really? I’m just a k..” Link was going to say ‘kid,’ briefly forgetting that he wasn’t just Link Jensen anymore.

“The Brotherhood...we’ve been the Brotherhood for a long time. Lucario practices being an ass, Ike pretends to be Lucario, Marth tries his damndest to keep any high emotions subdued, and Peach is...Peach. It can make a guy lose his mind.”

Roy suddenly grinned mischievously.

“But I’ve found ways to cope, like with Lucario. If you really want to get under his skin, call him Luc. He’d never admit it but it drives him crazy.”

Link smiled at the absurdity. “Seems like a small thing to get upset over.”

“You just have to watch him closely when it’s said. You’ll see. It’s great. The best part is that Peach started using it after she heard me say it, thinking it was a legitimate nickname. Lucario won’t tell her that he hates it because he doesn’t want to offend her, so he just takes it.”

Hearing little tales like that made Link feel like part of the team already. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be much longer until he was officially part of the Brotherhood, and just thinking about how he got to this point was exasperating. Looking at Roy, he began to wonder how he also got pulled into the war with the demons and joined the Brotherhood.

“I don’t want to pry too much but...why did you join the Brotherhood?”

Roy suddenly went rigid and turned his head away a bit. Link instantly regretted asking him, but Roy started to speak.

“You can say that I didn’t have a choice. Or rather, I wouldn’t allow myself to have a choice.”

Link was silent, and Roy continued.

“Link, my world is a little different from yours. It’s considered an ‘outer world,’ it’s not part of a connected system like Centropolis and the seven worlds surrounding it. Mine is just a little further out there in The Void, pretty much by itself...I guess that made it a perfect target. The demons attacked and then Azazel took it all. Everyone and everything was consumed...except for me, Marth and Ike. Lucario saved us. He made it pretty clear what was happening and what we needed to do, so I guess you can say we were the founding members of the Brotherhood.”

“...I had no idea, Roy.”

“Yeah, never mistake my lax moods for apathy. As much as Lucario nags, I do know how serious the situation is, because I’m one of its victims.”

Link wasn’t sure what to say. There were no words he could use to make the situation better, and he felt a little guilty in how long it took him to come around to the Brotherhood when people had already lost everything to Azazel’s conquest. Before the situation could get awkward, Lucario rounded the corner of the trail with Zelda at his side. Link was surprised to see the princess here, and pondered how she managed to wrestle away from the Royal Knights.

“Link!” Zelda called out. “Lucario has told me the news of Kneph’s defeat and your acceptance of their Brotherhood.”

He had no intention of keeping any of that a secret from her. He helped the princess when she reached the top of the ladder. Looking into her joyful face, he solemnly told her, “Kneph’s beaten, but he’s not dead.”

“Still, as a team, you managed to drive the demon back. No one else in Hyrule has accomplished that. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the celebration, for I must return to the castle before nightfall.”

“What celebration?”

Zelda looked just as confused as Link. “The Ordonians are having a feast in honor of your return and triumph over Kneph. You did not know?”

“That would be my fault,” Roy said, bowing to the princess. “I’m elated to finally meet you, princess.” He gently took her gloved hand and kissed it.

Link frowned without realizing it. He thought the gesture was a little excessive. “What’s the big idea? Was this supposed to be a surprise party?”

“Nah, I just told everyone what happened when we got back. It was their idea to have the feast.”

“You can chitchat later,” Lucario uttered suddenly, clearly annoyed. “We have an initiation to complete.” He walked past them and entered Link’s home while Roy gave a despondent shrug.

The conversation between Marth and Peach abruptly ended once they saw everyone step inside. Link’s house was never big, so just the six of them felt like a crowd. The royals were fixated on Zelda, not only because this was their first meeting, but because they were baffled by her presence. But if Lucario allowed it, it didn’t need to be questioned.

“Princess Zelda, this is Prince Marth and Princess Peach. Further introductions will have to wait.”

Link wasn’t worried about the actual initiation, but no one had given him details on the event. “What am I supposed to do?”

“It’s quite simple,” Marth said. “You must accept the oath.”

Link realized that he was surrounded by the Brotherhood, while Zelda stood against a wall in silence. Was this part of the ritual?

Lucario stepped forward to speak.

“As a member of the Brotherhood, you will protect the universe from Azazel and all that entails. From this point on, all of your blood, sweat and efforts will be to save the innocents from the potential fate Azazel has planned for them. With our team, you will form an unbreakable bond, beyond the comprehension of the soulless ones that inhabit The Void, and one trustworthy of your very life. Do you swear to this? Failure to commit one hundred percent will most likely result in the loss of everything precious in the world.”

“Yes, I swear,” Link replied with a nod. “ this it?”

Lucario touched Link’s upper arm lightly. A jolt of energy passed through Link, tingling his insides before moving to the back of his right hand. What started as a small itch erupted into a searing pain like flames against his skin. By the time he removed his glove, the pain was gone, and a distinct mark was left in its place: a circle with a thick vertical line crossing through a thin horizontal line, meeting off-center. Link was mesmerized by the simplistic but striking brand.

“Welcome to the Smash Brotherhood.”


Yes, every member of the Brotherhood has the brand somewhere on their body, except for Lucario since he can't brand himself.

Now that Link is officially a part of the Brotherhood, there's nothing stopping them from acting as a team one hundred percent and taking down Azazel and his demons. But there are still things for Link to learn before that point.

Expect three (!) point of views next chapter: Hyrule, Centropolis, and...I wonder who the third could be!

Meda is officially caught up. Chapter 15 is in the works.
This chapter took longer than expected due to minor writer’s block and dealing with a few other things, but everything should be back on track. On the bright side, this is one of the longer chapters.

Things continue to wind down after the most recent defeat of Kneph...or maybe...they’re winding up? Link will have to make a difficult choice about his future.


Chapter 15 – A Moment of Respite

Haunting wails filled the skies over Death Mountain, breaking the serenity of the sunset. A black, ragged cloak billowed through the wind on a course for the upper end of the mountain.

Sitting with his legs dangling over a cliff was a child in green overalls, his sight trained on the phenomenon.

The Hylian child watched the entity hit the mountain wall behind him and take on the battered form of Kneph. The demon breathed heavily – he didn’t actually need air, but the gesture was a testament to his anger and frustration. His eyeless sockets quickly turned onto the boy.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Kneph screeched indignantly.

A grin far more wicked than any child should know drew across the boy’s lips. “Link is back and you’ve failed to defeat them. Again.”

“And this amuses you?”

“Father will not be pleased,” the boy responded. “Well, he was already displeased with you, so I wonder if this will be your curtain call.”

“Such condescending speech from one whose deceptive ways have accomplished little!” Kneph hissed suddenly, closing the distance between the two so that his rancid breath was upon the boy.

“Hypocrite. You were assigned to Hyrule with one task: destroy those that possessed Champion Souls. In all the years of indiscriminate rampages, you’ve only killed Link, so it’s pretty obvious that you don’t know where to search. And to top it off, he’s back. You’ve been sent back to square one! At this rate, their numbers will swell.”

“You speak as if this doesn’t affect you!”

The child leaned back, propping himself up with both hands against the hard ground. “At the moment, it doesn’t. My task isn’t to kill them.”

“They are still a threat.”

“Which is entirely your fault,” the boy replied with a chuckle. “I always knew your reckless and barbaric ways would catch up to you eventually. Bravo.”

Kneph’s fuse had already been shortened by his humiliating defeat. A threatening gust of wind surged from the demon. “I’m older than you, Mardek!” he declared, infuriated.

Mardek responded in tandem, unleashing a swampy black aura that blocked the wind like a wall. “Is that supposed to excuse your incompetence?” the boy murmured with nonchalance.

A tense silence ensued, letting the pulsating powers of the two evil entities speak for themselves as they threatened to consume one another. In an instant, Mardek’s power receded, and Kneph slowly scaled back his winds in response.

“You know, word of your failure will reach Father eventually, even if I have to bring it to him myself,” Mardek admitted more solemnly. “But I’d really hate to lose another brother because of them, and I don’t see any way for you to get out of this...besides actually succeeding in your mission.”

“I have no intention of failing,” Kneph replied stoically.

“But you know this is most likely your final act if Father has any say.”

“...I’ll summon the Tempest when I’m able.”

“You fool; you’ll be more vulnerable than ever!” Mardek warned, but it was too late. Kneph already took off towards the top of the mountain.

The wraith hovered above Death Mountain and clasped his bony hands together, entering a trance.

Mardek stood up and rolled his eyes. “I guess either side could win,” he murmured, starting back down the trail of the mountain. “And regardless of which side does, the show must go on...”


Neal slowly shut the door to his son’s room and leaned his back against the adjacent wall. The hallway was dimly lit by the light orb from the living room, but he could still see the figure of his wife exiting their own bedroom.

“Is he finally asleep?” Tia asked.

Neal slowly nodded.

Tia narrowed her eyes and fixated them on Neal’s face. He knew she was trying to read his expression and it annoyed him a bit.


“Do you believe everything he said?”

Was this a trap for an argument? He already got lectured once today.

“Do you believe everything he said?” he retorted.

“I asked you first.”

Neal sighed and closed his eyes. “I believe he believes that everything he said happened.”

“That’s a copout,” Tia said with a smirk.

“Not really. You heard him describe it all. He was downright adamant. So either he’s lost his mind or it really happened. He seems perfectly fine to me.”

“Is this your way of admitting it might have happened?”

“What’s with the skeptic smirk? You’re always telling me to be more open.”

“I meant personality-wise...but being open-minded isn’t a bad thing either.”

Neal led his wife out of the darkened confines of the hallways and into the living room, sitting on the posh couch. The seat was never to his liking, but after all, he wasn’t the one that bought it.

“Well, there’s a lot we don’t really understand about our universe, and I’m pretty sure some of that is because certain people in power don’t think we should know,” Neal said, his gaze on the empty TV screen. “So let’s look at Derwin’s story and set aside all our disbelief, and assume for just a moment that everything he said was the absolute, unadulterated truth.”

Tia smiled excitedly. “You’re starting to sound like me now. Okay, so now what?”

“Link went to another world with a mysterious pokemon and his parents are absolutely distraught. What would you do about it?”

“I’d get proof but there isn’t any.”

“None that the boys knew of. This Lucario guy sounds like he comes and goes as he pleases. I don’t think it’s the first time he’s made a trip to Centropolis. Someone has to know something about this. Maybe a specialist that studies things like that...”

“’re not talking about...”


“But I thought he was just joking about working in the 5th Department.”

“That’s what he wanted you to think.” Neal fished his cellphone from his pocket. “It’s late but he’s usually up all night. I’m going to call him and see if he can help us.”


Link leaned against the wall of a house, watching the spirited Ordonians surrounding the bonfire; some danced while others held the first casual conversations in ages. The celebration was thrown in Link’s honor, and the food was already devoured, but Link eventually found himself observing his fellow Ordonians.

There was a sense of community he didn’t realize he missed. Centropolis was such a gargantuan city; you made a couple of friends and you kept them close. But in Ordon, everyone knew each other. It was an extended family and the village thrived on that connection. Despite the changes in his absence, Link still felt that familiarity. Everyone welcomed him back with open arms. Well, almost everyone...

Ilia’s face was brightly lit by the flames as she held a conversation with Roy. Link sighed thinking about their ‘reunion.’ He knew the girl was impetuous, and he could only imagine how his death ravaged her, but he was hoping for a more friendly response. It made him wonder the point in reviving his old life if those he cared about the most rejected him for it.

Those thoughts instantly vanished when the girl looked at him over her shoulder and smiled. She started heading his way and he began to fret; what would he say? His view was suddenly blocked by Peach.

“Hellooooo!” she said cheerily, holding on to her white parasol.

“Oh...hi princess,” Link murmured.

“Princess? We are a team now, you should call me Peach,” she said with a wink.

“Okay, Peach.”

“I’ve heard about your deeds in the past here in Hyrule. You are so revered and loved by everyone; I just had to wonder how you are readjusting to this life.”

Link was almost taken aback. Roy made Peach out to be a flake, but she was the first one to ask him how he felt about all of this.

“To tell you the truth, there hasn’t been any time to do any readjusting,” he admitted. “Today’s been so crazy...I woke up this morning to get ready for school, now I’m being celebrated for fending off a demon.”

Link let out a short yawn as the long day wore down on him. He realized that Hyrule and Centropolis were on two different time axes. When he left the city, it was mid-afternoon, but still morning in Hyrule. If he were in his apartment, he’d be asleep by now.

“Maybe this is a little sudden and premature for me to ask, but what are you going to do when it’s over?”

“I want to go back to Centropolis and let my parents know what’s going on. They’re completely in the dark. Then I guess we get prepared to take down Azazel.”

“Oh, no. I mean, when the war is won. You’ve got two lives to live now, have you made any decisions?”

Link froze. It never occurred to him. Awakening created such a massive fork in his future that he wasn’t sure why he never pondered it in the slightest. There was Link from Ordon and Link from Volesdale, now one entity. He couldn’t live both lives at once. It was simply impossible – and maybe a little selfish to even entertain the notion.

And yet, how could he not? Hyrule’s hero was cut down before his time while trying to protect the people of the land. It was unfair for someone with such a bright future to lose it like that, and he had already started reconnecting with everyone. Could he leave them again so suddenly?

But Link Jensen was a teenager still in the beginning stages of his life. He had parents that were raising him and were waiting on his return, and friends he was still in the process of growing up with. He was essentially still a child with so much to live for.

“I don’t know...” Link whispered.

Peach backed off. “I...I’m sorry. I can’t imagine the turmoil you must be going through. I can be so dense sometimes...”

“No, it’s okay. I should have thought about this way before you brought it up.”

The saddened look upon the princess’s face displayed just how regretful she was.

“Link?” Ilia murmured as she approached. His pained expression concerned her.

“I...I’ll talk to you later,” Peach said, making herself scarce.

“What did she say to you?” Ilia cautiously inquired.

“It’s nothing you need to worry about right now,” Link replied, finding himself still trying to instinctively protect her.

Ilia didn’t like that reply but chose not to dwell on it. “I’m sorry about how I reacted earlier.”

“It’s understandable.”

“No! After what you’ve been through, my reaction was unacceptable.” She found it hard to keep eye contact with him. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Then let’s put that behind us.”

“You’re right. Let’s start over and pretend that this is our first reunion.”

It was a silly suggestion, but Link played along. He cleared his throat and said, “Hi, Ilia.”

Link nearly lost his balance when Ilia dove in and hugged him tightly.

“I missed you, Link,” she whispered. She broke away and said, “You have to tell me everything you’ve been through.”

“You too,” Link responded. “The village looks the way it was the last time I was here, but everyone seems a little...different.”

“Then we’ll officially catch up...but, let’s do that tomorrow. It’s late and I know you’ve had a busy day.”

Link watched Ilia walk to her home. He leaned against the wall with a smile. For once, it seemed that all was right in the world. Or at least that was true for Hyrule. He wondered about his parents back in Centropolis and how they were taking the news of his departure, if they even accepted what his friends told them. He wouldn’t sleep easy tonight thinking about their lack of sleep.

He spotted Lucario away from the festivities and it gave him an idea.


The pokemon only marginally acknowledged Link with a glance when he approached. Link had a quick urge to ask him about his anti-social behavior but went with his original question.

“Maybe tomorrow morning we can go back to Centropolis for an hour or two so I can tell my friends and parents what’s going on?”


Link frowned. Lucario didn’t even take a second to think about it. “Why not?”

“What if Kneph strikes while we are away?”

“We messed him up pretty good. Would he come back so soon?”

Lucario let out a cynical chuckle and said, “Demons have pride issues. He may be more desperate than ever at this point.”

“Yeah, but the rest of us can hold down the fort,” Roy interjected, suddenly appearing behind them. He received a glare from Lucario for his efforts.

“You should know better than to underestimate them. It’s possible one of the other demons could step in for Kneph.”

Morbid curiosity struck Link. “Wait, just how many demons are we talking about?”

Roy and Lucario traded glances. Link didn’t like that at all.

“Ten of varying power,” Roy murmured. “Some of them dwarf Kneph.”

“You’ve got to be joking!”

Nine,” Lucario clarified, “I already took care of one.”

“But nine is still more than I expected,” Link thought aloud. “You guys could have told me that before I signed up for this.”

“Are you backing out?”

“No, of course not! But I don’t think that detail needed to be hidden.”

“It was never hidden. You simply never asked, so I felt no urgency in relaying that information.”

Lucario abruptly walked off, away from the light of the bonfire and into the darkest regions of the village. Link had no idea where he was going and pondered if some part of their conversation offended him. It was also possible that he simply wanted to be alone, and pestering him about going back to Centropolis didn’t help.

“I really don’t get him,” Link finally said.

“I’ve known him for years and even I don’t get him!” Roy admitted, amused by the prospect. “But don’t worry too much about the demons. They’re spread out across the worlds so it’s not like we’re going to get attacked by all nine of them at once. If we take out Azazel we may not even have to worry about them.”

“Wouldn’t killing their ‘father’ just make them angrier?”

“The way Lucario explained it, the demons were spawned from Azazel’s body and are kinda like detached, independent limbs that still have a connection to their host. Any severe injuries they receive, Azazel can feel to some extent.”

Those words instilled a strange new hope within Link. In some way, Azazel had already felt the sting of the Master Sword. It brought vulnerability to an impervious force he had heard only by name.

“If we destroy Azazel, then the demons die with him. But that’s just a theory,” Roy noted quickly, not wanting to get Link’s hopes up too high. “At the very least, they’ll be less dangerous without someone to organize and command their assaults. They’ll have no purpose.”

“I don’t know. It feels like Kneph has a vendetta against me.”

“Hopefully we take him out before we get to Azazel.” Roy turned around and began walking back towards the bonfire before saying, “This is your first night as a Smash Brother, so I’m going to give you some advice: sleep light. You never know when training will begin...”

“Training? What kind of training?” Link questioned, but Roy had already left.


I can say that we are beyond the halfway point of the story. From here on out we should be getting into the final stretches. What exactly is Kneph summoning? Who is Neal contacting? And what training is Roy alluding to? A climax is approaching!
Meda exclusive - in which I tear down a concept I don't like!

For those who don't know, Smash Mansion is a strange piece of fanon that crept into the Smash Bros fandom some point after SSBM came out. Someone had the bright idea that all the characters live together in a giant mansion in the middle of nowhere just because, where they participate in tournaments by fighting in a hi tech arena that simulates Nintendo environments for the hell of it. For some reason, 90% of the fics use this location, and I intensely dislike it because, as I said earlier, it fosters lazy and uninspired writing. I won't refuse to read a story that features it, but I won't use it myself. I can understand some fics using it, like humor fics that rely on instant gratification, chaos and utter illogic for laughs, but when the serious stories with some thought put into them fall back on the mansion, and don't realize how the absolute lack of backstory or originality is hurting them, it makes me want to rant like this.

The best part about a crossover is the actual crossing over of properties (KEEP THAT IN MIND NIKO). How do the characters meet? How do they react to each other? Can people from such wildly different worlds even work together, or will that make them adversaries? The mansion assumes that everyone lives happily together, and always have. No one knows why they fight. Maybe it's for fun, but we still don't know how they got to that point. They bring very little of their origins with them. They might as well not even be who the writer says they are; their histories are nonexistent.
And here is the second half of the previous chapter. Questions will be answered, mysteries will be solved (maybe), and the earth will tremble.

Wait, what?


[align=center][B][FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Chapter 17
"Prepare yourself" was kind of a giveaway.

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