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Xbox One revealed
Well... maybe once wee see some actual game play we might understand why they are using the Fantasia name.
Or it could just be a bad cash in by Disney...
[Image: MedaForce.png]

More talk of their policies. There's some backpedaling but it's still extremely anti-consumerist. Some highlights:

- If you don't do the online check-in every 24 hours, your games WILL cease to function offline. TV and movie functionality will still work, however...
- This becomes a ONE hour check-in if you're playing your account on someone else's xbox.
- There is no charge for selling used games, but it's up to the publisher if you can sell the game at all or if a charge will be involved...
- MS will choose "participating" stores for the trade-ins.
- You can trade the game once AND ONLY ONCE, after which it will be locked to the next account. If you loan it to a friend, they're stuck with it. And they have to have been on your friend list for at least 30 days.
While none of that stuff really effects me, (All my consoles are online 24/7 already, I don't trade in games and I only buy used when I can't find it new) I still think it all sucks and MS is going to lose a lot of their non-die hard user base.

I have a feeling all those "features" will be gone within a year. Specially the online check feature, I'm sorry MS but a good percent of your current user base still doesn't have broadband internet and don't take their consoles online. Also I know a lot of parents who won't alone their kids consoles to be online period.

Good thing I'm more then likely going to be waiting a year before I get any of the systesm.
[Image: MedaForce.png]
MS is backing off of the DRM.

We won.
[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]
My wife surprised me with an early christmas gift.
So I now have a Day One Xbox One and a copy of Dead Rising 3. Big Grin

My impression of it so far...
It's Good but honestly noting has really blown me away and screams this is next gen.

The Console is bland. nothing special, it doesn't stick out, it just blends into my entertainment center.

The Controller is amazing, the took the perfect (imo) design of the 360 controller and improved on it. I love the new shoulder buttons, they are larger and just feel more natural. The D Pad finally got it much needed update, thou I really don't use it that much. And the new coating on the the sticks really feels a lot nicer and grabs onto my finger better.

The Interface on the system, I'm sorry to say sucks. I want them to go back to the 360 interface. The XO interface is just bland. Sure it's taking after Windows 8, but at least in Windows 8 you can add a wallpaper and the buttons have color. Everything is the same color on a black background. It's ugly. Navigating isn't that bad, specially when you can just use voice commands for most stuff. But the store's layout just stinks, it's hard to navigate, maybe it's due to the fact that there isn't much in it yet but finding stuff isn't that easy. Now I'm not sure if there are no demos yet, but I couldn't find a single demo for ANY of the games out, including the Digital Only ones, which I find really odd since every 360 XBLA game came with a demo day one.

I've only been playing 2 games so far Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct, First off both games have been a lot of fun, Dead Rising in particular. DR3 is off to a great start so far, I've been enjoying a lot more then I did the pervious one and the huge open work filled with zombies shows us a little glimpse at what the next gen can give us. Gameplay still feels like DR but the open world feels more like GTA5. Graphics are great and look better then anything we had last gen BUT they don't feel amazing. Killer Instinct on the other hand while fun, it's no Dead or Alive... or Street Fighter... or Mortal Kombat. Honestly If it wasn't free I wouldn't have bought it. The micro-transactions are pretty annoying, but they do at least give you the option to just out right buy everything, I also dislike how not only do you have to level up to unlock things but then you also have to use the coins you earn to buy every little thing extra. The game looks and feels like it could have been on the Xbox360, part of me thinks that this was originally in development for the 360 and then was push over last min. I don't see this game having a long life, once the first "Real" fighting game hits the market it will disappear just like Perfect Dark Zero.
[Image: MedaForce.png]

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