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I Like Cars
A long time ago, I wrote a poem about Captain Falcon's love of cars. It got plagiarized twice. The only reason I didn't repost it is because I forgot, so I'm fixing that. KIJ4 hasn't been posted either, but that's next.

Disclaimer: Captain Falcon and all other Nintendo related characters/things are the property of Nintendo, obviously.

Now, ClaudeLv250 presents: Poetry from Kirby's Insane Journey's universe:

I Like Cars - A Poem by Captain Falcon

I like cars!
Do you like cars?
Because I like cars!

I like cars that are pretty and fast
so fast that you won't see me driving past
cars can drive very long and go very far
Wow, I just realized how much I really like cars!

But what I like more than cars is my Armored Muffin
Her name is Samus, and uh...does anyone know what rhymes with muffin??
She's a bounty hunter, just like me!
She even takes me across the galaxy for free!
But sometimes I wonder...does she like cars?
Because I like cars!
They can drive very long and go very far!
Wait...I said that, didn't I?

Well...uh...I like cars!
Do you like cars?
Because I like cars!

I think Samus likes ships more than cars
Her ship can reach the stars!
My Blue Falcon can't go that far...
But I don't care...because I like cars!

I'm afraid to ask her about cars because of what she might say think I can buy her a car for her birthday!?
I'll paint it orange and red just like her Varia Suit!
And call it Kiwi because thats her favorite fruit!

Oh my god, I'm a genius!
Okay, maybe not...I don't know what rhymes with genius
I suck at poems, but I like cars!
My passion for them caused me to write this far!

Oh no! Yoshi is making fun of me for writing a poem!
If he doesn't stop laughing, I think I might have to own him!
Don't make fun of Samus or cars!
Or I'll Falcon Punch you hard and far!

I'm glad I got to write about what I like
even if I had to get into a fight
Hey, did my poem about cars make you want to drive one?
Maybe you can play F-Zero, 'cause racing is fun!!

...I like cars
Do you like cars?
Because I like cars!
And so does Samus!

I should probably change this to 'We Like Cars' now...

[Image: fvT7lv1.gif]

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